The newest baby of the Kissaten family is more than smooch-worthy, serving mainly Japanese-influenced creations that might breathe fresh life into the Klang Valley’s burger-eating experience.


Ideal for Families and Young Customers

Kissaten’s first outpost is in Desa ParkCity’s popular Waterfront; it’s ideal for families & young customers, complete with a humorous mural, cheerful colours & a fun, energetically friendly vibe.


Saba Fish Burger

Specialities include this saba fish burger (RM11), which showcases a warm, juicy slice of grilled mackerel that’s as satisfying as what full-fledged Japanese outlets serve. Perfect for fish lovers; a nice change from the everyday beef/chicken/lamb patties. It’s a fairly petite burger, suitable for a light lunch.


Brinjal Fries

Pair your burger with this major highlight: Brinjal ‘fries’ (RM5), tempura-style, chunky enough for a fulfilling chew, crisp outside & tender within, lightly drizzled with a tasty sweet sauce.


Great for Vegetarians Too

Vegetarians can have a field day at Kissburger, with numerous options for them: We like this toasty rice burger, bursting with sweet-savoury kinpira-cooked root veggies & a seaweed strip (RM8). Flavours & textures are expertly balanced at Kissburger, suitable for customers who shun overly salty or grease-soaked burgers.


The Koroke Yasai

For folks with no fear of carbs, here’s a real treat: The ‘koroke yasai’ burger (RM10), stuffed with what’s essentially a thick, creamy potato croquette, proving that meat-free burgers can sometimes work as well as carnivorous versions.


No-Bread Burgers

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s this no-bread burger, wrapped in crunchy lettuce instead of regular buns, concealing two pieces of tofu in teriyaki sauce, sprinkled with bonito flakes. RM9. Customers can also order lettuce burgers with salmon, chicken or gyudon-style stewed beef.


Regular Cheeseburgers and The Wagyu Cheeseburger

Ultimately though, beef might be the essential component for many burger fans; for that, Kissaten offers regular cheeseburgers (RM9), a double-patty, mushroom-topped Big Kiss burger (RM14), as well this deluxe delight: The Wagyu Cheeseburger (RM19), meatier than mass-market, filler-laden burgers.


Regular Fries

No complaints about Kissburger’s regular fries; they taste freshly cooked, with a ‘real potato’ bite to them.


Frozen Cheesecakes

Frozen cheesecakes are offered too: Toblerone (RM9, our favourite), Oreo, strawberry or mango.


Additional Attraction

Additional attraction: It’s worth noting that Kissburger is right beside the latest branch of Three Little Birds, the Sentul-origin coffee bar that’s now steadily expanding its territory.


Coffee Juice

Serious (or curious) coffee drinkers can try what’s listed on the menu as ‘Coffee Juice’ (RM15 or RM18, we paid the latter), crafted with an ultra-expensive, U.S.-made Alpha Dominche Steampunk brewer for smooth, consistently concentrated slurps.


Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds boasts a setting that’s wide-open but comfortably shaded, capitalising on its beautifully verdant surroundings. It remained pretty much empty on a recent afternoon, even though the rest of the complex was bustling, but we’re betting that word of mouth will kick in soon enough now and lure the crowds before long.



Location and Contact Details


Ground Floor, The Waterfront, Desa Park City

Tel: 03-6279 9823

View Kissburger’s directory page here.


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