Amid a bumper crop of thorny fruits ready to be chopped open & consumed, Kampung Durian House’s unique attraction is its house-made organic Musang King durian ice cream – mellow but unmistakable in flavour, with a frosty lightness that’s sufficiently close to a soft-serve. For RM4 a cone, it’s an enjoyable seasonal speciality, available through September’s end.








Location and Contact Details

Kampung Durian House

Jalan Harapan, Petaling Jaya

Tel: +6012-298 8122

Daily, 12pm-1230am

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  1. Jo Christopher August 17, 2015 Subscriber

    Jessy Christopher-Tham Ching Li Eric Tham

  2. Kai Ning Reminisce August 14, 2015 Subscriber

    Fanique Wong

  3. Amanda Loi August 12, 2015 Subscriber

    JonAthan Lim

  4. Puteri Sofia August 12, 2015 Subscriber

    Helina Sakkal aigoo

    • Helina Sakkal August 12, 2015 Subscriber

      Kk put .. aiskrim durian ?? knp tunjuk time org kekeringan ..

    • Puteri Sofia August 12, 2015 Subscriber

      Hahahah simpan duett nnt g jalan2 cari makan lg

    • Helina Sakkal August 12, 2015 Subscriber

      Baik lah, nk diet lah.. jimat duit.. nnti ckp ngn ayu jgn tidur hostel lg.. klu tak asyik mkn je, sbb ayu asyik lapar .. ???

    • Puteri Sofia August 12, 2015 Subscriber

      Hahahahah tu la tu. Ak klu dok umah malas nk makan. Klu duk luar lepak2 kat hostel je mesti lapar

    • Helina Sakkal August 12, 2015 Subscriber

      kita pulak klu berdua ngn nanad xde lah asyik lapar , bila ad kk put ngn ayu terus lapar .. eh.. hahahaha

    • Puteri Sofia August 12, 2015 Subscriber

      Eh eh eh…….agak..pelik disitu ya. Kem salam kat yee. Kbye.

    • Helina Sakkal August 12, 2015 Subscriber

      Nesh ckp walaikumsalam .. ??

  5. Simon Lah August 12, 2015 Subscriber

    Why not just eat a real durian

  6. Hanna Syahirah August 12, 2015 Subscriber

    Mustafa Kamel wah

  7. Shaniza Shafie August 11, 2015 Subscriber

    Praevitriana Yuliawiratman ??

  8. Selene Ng August 11, 2015 Subscriber

    Tien Ming Lim RM4 ony let’s go!

  9. Jyn Yeow August 11, 2015 Subscriber

    Ooo thanks! Need to workout more and durian less now haha

  10. Shereen Shah August 11, 2015 Subscriber

    Ruzilla Helmi Azzuddin Abang Bohari

  11. Sharon Chu August 11, 2015 Subscriber

    Jyn Yeow i remember u love durian ūüôā

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