This cosy family-owned cafe is one of 2015’s new entries in Sunway Pyramid; it’s a pleasant stop for patrons who want to rest their feet & recharge with cheerful fare after they explore this sprawling mall, catch a movie or wrap up an hour of ice skating.




Jumping Beans’s Signature Japanese-inspired Honey Toasts

Leap in for Jumping Bean’s signature Japanese-inspired honey toasts – variety is the outlet’s forte, with a repertoire that ranges from a mixed fruit toast (RM19.90) to chicken floss (RM19) & Oreo (RM18.90) versions. Servings seem substantial & fairly priced, showcasing a fresh-from-the-oven warmth that’s the ideal counterpoint to the scoop of ice cream on each plate.





Desserts Made from Scratch

Jumping Bean takes pride in desserts made from scratch in its own kitchen, relying on its own carefully created recipes. Waffles prove soft & fluffy, with toppings like chocolate & bananas (RM14.90), Nutella & almonds (RM15.90), plus a savoury egg & cheese combo (RM14.90). Pair with coffee made with beans from well-respected Klang-based roaster Seraph Awaken. Smooth, fragrant lattes clock in at RM12, while hand-brewed, medium-bodied coffee (siphon, V60 & aeropress) costs RM15.




Hot Food

Heaps of hot food are available too for a complete meal – expect everything from a hearty ‘popcorn chicken’ salad with Japanese-style dressing (RM18.90) to braised lamb shank with mashed potatoes (RM38), as well as tomato bagel sandwiches (RM18.90), vegetarian lasagna (RM16.90), Big Breakfast platters (RM26.90) & green curry chicken spaghetti (RM16.90).




Finish with some more sweet specialities – Jumping Bean serves the full spectrum of crowd-pleasing possibilities, from the relatively healthier option of a house-made yoghurt parfait (RM12) to an indulgent double-scoop affogato (RM10) to a hot Nutella latte served in a Champagne flute (RM14) that’ll complement the cafe’s bevy of brownies, Snickers cheesecakes & peanut butter pretzel cakes. We left with stuffed stomachs – many thanks to Iris & the friendly team here for hosting this meal.







Location and Contact Details

Jumping Bean

LG 2.95, Sunway Pyramid

Tel: +603-5611-3170

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