Haruju Cube is a piece of bright airy sunshine ensconced in a quiet corner on the first floor of Empire Damansara. Bringing the wildly popular Japanese honey toast from the trendy district of Harujuku to Klang Valley, tempting taste buds seems to be a gamble that is paying off for Chef Daichi.



One thing is for sure; after a taste of the honey toasts served here, you will never ever look at a piece of toast the same way again. What’s so different about toast you might ask? Well, the way the Japanese do it is to take a huge loaf of bread, cut it in a square, hollow it out and fill it with 8 French-butter cube-shaped bread, and then douse it with huge dollops of ice cream, whipped cream, fruits, nuts, homemade honeycomb, wafers and a host of other delectable goodies depending on what you fancy.

Haruju Bomb



Since I couldn’t make up my mind on which flavor to try, I decided to go for the Haruju Bomb, which is ideal for those who hate to choose. Hot, crispy and oh so “buttery,” thanks to the divine French butter that Chef Daichi uses, the Haruju Bomb is a little square box of ooey-gooey delight overflowing with a huge serving of home-made matcha ice cream (if you are not a fan of green tea, pick vanilla), dollops of high quality whipped cream and saturated with bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, chocolate cube wafers, honey comb and other sweet surprises.



Do note, that no matter how big an appetite you think you have, trust me, the honey toasts are meant to be shared. If, you are in the mood for something more savory, there is a variety of more conventional sized open-faced toasts like egg and mayo, ham and cheese and more to choose from.

Fruit-Infused Water


What I liked about the place was its simplicity, warmth and the fact that they had a free flow water cooler that served the most deliciously cold, fruit-infused water to quench your thirst after all that honey sweet goodness.

Although paying RM32.90 for honey toast may seem slightly on the high side, it is a fun experience when shared with friends and families. However, considering the quality of the ingredients used, it is definitely worth it.


Don’t forget to grab a bottle of their special home-made Haruju Milk which comes in a few flavors. I recommend trying the butterscotch, that is, if you are not already in a sugar-induced coma after working your way through the honey toast!


This is a novel experience and definitely worth a try. According to Chef Daichi, it usually gets crowded after dinner time, so plan your visit well as it can take about 10-15 minutes for them to bake your honey toast to order.

Location and Contact Details

Haruju Cube

Lot 103, Empire Damansara

Tel: +6016-666 5973

Open 11am-11pm Sunday & Tuesday-Thursday; 11am-12am, Friday-Saturday

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