This eye-catching new Japanese eatery at Pavilion offers an enticing range – with some Korean & Malaysian twists – that runs from kimchi sushi to chilli-sauteed baby sea conch; it’s admirably ambitious, though with a selection this sweeping, there are bound to be both hits & misses.


The Venue’s As Extensive As the Menu

The venue’s as extensive as the menu, comprising multiple settings & seating styles; professionally constructed, no less than what we’d expect from the first Japanese-themed foray by the industrious team that also operates mall-based establishments Weissbrau, Spasso Milano, Limoncello & Svago.


Steamed Fish Eggs

Our Chochin favourite: Steamed fish eggs (RM21 before taxes) – chunky & creamy-buttery – topped with crisp veggies, soaked in a light, sweet-sour chilli gravy that complements the fish eggs more effectively than expected. Comfort food for fans of fish eggs.


Deep-Fried Chicken Liver

Deep-fried chicken liver (RM13++) is something else we’d also order again here; expertly executed, with the perfect hint of bloodiness to keep it tasty. Hmmm, fish eggs plus chicken liver – sounds exactly like our ‘nasi kandar’ must-have components.


Squid Stuffed with Otak-Otak

Squid stuffed with otak-otak (RM28) sounds like something a Nyonya restaurant would be more likely to serve, but it works well for the izakaya concept too. A savoury snack to pair with hours of drinking.


Octopus Tentacles

The list of skewers is long; these octopus tentacles (RM18) are tasty, though they’re tricky to eat, stuck tightly to the sticks.


Chicken Karaage

Chochin’s chicken karaage (RM25) proves fabulously juicy, but it’s accompanied by an artificial-tasting cheese dip – not exactly fondue, despite what the menu states.



The okonomiyaki is OK, thick with seafood (RM28) & certainly not as doughy or stodgy as the worst ones out there.


Rice-Free Roll Ringed with Cucumber & Stuffed with Unagi

A rice-free roll ringed with cucumber & stuffed with unagi sounds a bit better on paper than it tastes on the plate; maybe the eel could be of a better quality. Still, this seems pretty fairly priced at RM23.


Peach Beach

Peach Beach (RM40), a maki with the uncommon component of peach, plus avocado, cucumber & crab stick (the building blocks of a California Roll), crowned with salmon slices. Visually, it’s a mess, but it tastes flavoursome enough, thanks to the thick topping of a kiwi fruit sauce. It’s massive – perfect for the peckish.


No Lack of Liquor

No lack of liquor, from wine & beer to shochu & sake, vodka & to tequila to makgeolli.



Location and Contact Details

Izakaya AKA Chochin

Lot C3, Level Three, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2110 6118

Find Izakaya AKA Chochin’s directory listing here.

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