Twenty-one years ago, Alexis was born in Bangsar, ushering in the Sarawak laksa, tiramisu cake and pavlova that have since become instantly identifiable with one of KL’s most enduring modern restaurants. This month, the city welcomes Alexis’ little sister, Isabel, reviving the space that was once synonymous with Mesui Road’s Palate Palette. The customary crush of F&B openings in the weeks before Christmas is off to a potent start.

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Isabel is a charmer, endowed with a contemporary charisma that makes every corner here worth exploring. But what makes it more than superficially sterling is the food, focusing on the fresh, lively flavours of the Southeast Asian cookbook.

Following stints in places like Ho Chi Minh City, KL-born chef Hafizzul Hashim has harnessed the bounty of the region’s land and sea for distinctive recipes like the Vietnamese chicken rice (RM28; galangal-laced rice with steamed free-range chicken and Vietnamese mint, available only for lunch) and the Indonesian-inflected clams, aromatically stir-fried with kemangi leaves and garlic (RM26), circling back to Malaysia for the ulam platter, a harvest of local herbs and vegetables, accompanied by the rare find of sambal belacan buah machang, with morsels of horse mango that hark back to Hafizzul’s childhood memories (RM18).

Thai treasures dominate the menu, thankfully transcending the green-curry cliches. If you love khanom chin, this is the place for the rice noodles with a mellow-tasting stock of fish and wild ginger, served alongside starfruit, rose apples and herbs for a pleasantly invigorating midday meal (RM27). Hor mok, the steamed fish custard, is available too, prepared to order for a delicately fluffy lusciousness (RM25), potentially paving the way for Cambodian, Laotian and Myanmarese recipes to eventually enter Isabel’s repertoire.

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It’s worth visiting Isabel purely for the house-made ciku ice cream, conveying the elusive nuances of our favourite fruit in both taste and texture (RM15). Banana fritters come with gula melaka ice cream, but their price tag of RM22 weighs heavily.22. Isabel-min21. Isabel-minCount Isabel in for cocktails – it’s easy to imagine this place filling up fast on Friday nights, with crowds sipping on Isabel’s delicious namesake cocktail (RM42; Tanqueray 10, elderflower, aperol, orange bitters), the Murakami (RM45; Suntory Kakubin, Ricard, martini rosso, angostura bitters), Easy Breezy (RM38; Bacardi light rum, lemongrass, Thai basil, brown sugar) or a carafe of French Merlot (RM70).18. Isabel-min20. Isabel-min11. Isabel-min 10. Isabel-min 9. Isabel-min 17. Isabel-min8. Isabel-min

Location & Details

Address: 21 Jalan Mesui, Off Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: Open Tues-Sat, 12pm-12am; Sun, 12pm-7pm.
Find: View directory for Isabel here.

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  1. Stephy Shuen November 7, 2017 Subscriber

    Phang Jin Jo little sister lol

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    Caroline Lilian Tan Derek Chan

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    Shereen Rahman jom gi esk

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    SweetEe Chin looks good lor

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    Let’s go

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    Ida M Rahim Aizah Mahmood Liza Ramli Faizal Stalin

    • Aizah Mahmood November 6, 2017 Subscriber

      I went on Saturday night. Huan & Angela invited Adam & I. We loved it. The oxtail assam pedas and egg fried rice was so good as was the red cutryb

    • Aizah Mahmood November 6, 2017 Subscriber

      Nice cocktails too

    • Faizal Stalin November 6, 2017 Subscriber

      I want those thonet chairs.

    • Liza Ramli November 6, 2017 Subscriber

      Not sure if Miss Blandtastebuds can handle the mains but hey, the desserts and drinks all sound good. When?

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      Liza Ramli sure can…as for when ????

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    Bianca Gomez For u know who.

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      Hello, why can’t it be for you and I? Lol. Speaking of which we haven’t gone to a cafe or bar together in a while already. Let’s do it soon!

    • Puvanesh Pandian November 7, 2017 Subscriber

      Bianca Gomez yesss! We shall.

  11. Angie Kwo November 6, 2017 Subscriber

    Terrisa Chin

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