Highland Viet offers a voyage through Vietnamese soul food, with hits and misses along the way; the soupier recipes fare best – bowls of noodles with pork trotters and quail eggs, as well as fish with tomatoes in a clear, tangy broth, supply sufficient satisfaction.

1.Highland Viet 2. Highland Viet - noddles with pork trotters 3. Highland Viet - fish with tomato in clear broth

The aromatic braised pork with hard-boiled eggs also delivers what most patrons might expect. But we’d skip Highland’s banh mi, a timid & tepid imitation of the vibrant Vietnamese sandwich and its dynamic dimensions.

4.Highland Viet - braised pork with hard boiled eggs5. Highland Viet - banh mi

Boiled rice with chicken is a flop too – dry, bland grains, alongside meat that tastes past its prime. And while the papaya smoothie sounds like a tempting thirst-quencher, it’s a touch too sweet and not quite natural-tasting enough. Most dishes cost between RM10 & RM12.

6. Highland Viet - chicken with rice 7. Highland Viet - papaya smoothie

Location & Details

Highland Viet Cafe

129, Jalan SS25/2, Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Wed-Mon, 930am-930pm

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