Opening this Wednesday, Haraju Cube is set to bring Shibuya honey toasts with tantalising twists to Empire Damansara.



Buttery-fluffy Toasts at Haraju Cube

Only 48 of these buttery-fluffy toasts will be baked everyday, so head here early. Each toast – most cost between RM22.90 & RM26.90 – is monumentally thick & satisfactorily fresh-tasting, easily shared by two to four customers, crowned with the likes of Korean strawberries, Belgian chocolate or house-made honeycomb, plus vanilla or green tea ice cream.




Slice ’em open & you’ll find golden bread cubes inside, explaining the cafe’s name. The bread rates well for taste & texture, a testament to the experience & expertise of Haraju Cube co-founder Kent, who formerly worked at a Plaza Damansara bakery. The outlet takes pride in its ingredients; even its honey, served on the side, is thoughtfully tuned for a subtle sort of sweetness.





Starting Wednesday, a selection of savoury open-face toasts, sliced thinner for snacking, will be available too – not pictured here, but expect toppings like egg & mayo, ham & cheese, mixed seafood, or tuna with wafu dressing, priced from RM10.90.




Beverages at Haraju Cube

Haraju Cube’s beverages prove photogenic as well – try the flavoursome speciality of milk mixed with the cafe’s own-made butterscotch & caramel (RM8.90), or the matcha latte with a dollop of cream & a drizzling of kuromitsu black honey (RM11.90).




Here’s a glimpse at what’s potentially ahead for Haraju Cube: The cafe’s other founder, Daichi, whose dad is Japanese, previously ran an onigiri delivery service in KL, & he hopes to serve these rice balls at Haraju Cube once operations stabilise.



We ordered Daichi’s onigiri last year & liked ’em – packed substantially with everything from salmon to tuna, grilled mackerel to tempura prawns, ham & egg to hot dogs & cheese. It’ll be interesting to see how Haraju Cube adapts these into a cafe menu. All in all, Haraju Cube seems poised to be a fun hangout; thanks to the warm & welcoming team here for hosting this preview.








Location and Contact Details of Haraju Cube

Haraju Cube

Lot 103, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

Tel: 016-666 5973

Open 11am-11pm Sunday & Tuesday-Thursday; 11am-12am, Friday-Saturday

Find: Contact details and map for Haraju Cube

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