Hanare recently revamped its menu, compelling us to return to see what’s fresh.
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1 Hanare Jul 1

Since our last visit, a dedicated sushi chef has arrived to whip up these deliciously delicate creations.

Marinated Tuna Intestines

Pungently salty and slimy. Loved it!

2 Hanare Jul 1

Chilled Bean Curd from Kyoto

The tofu produced in this historic city is legendary, thanks partly to its use of underground spring water. Tastes like a cross between regular tofu & panna cotta, with a luscious, lip-smacking creaminess.

3 Hanare Jul 1

Sunomono Mori

Seafood in chef’s vinaigrette. A savory substitute for sashimi.

4 Hanare Jul 1

Baked Crab Toast

Baked crab meat on toast, very richly topped, Reminiscent of bruschetta, though without the Italian herbs & tomatoes, of course.

5 Hanare Jul 1


Salt & lemon-sprinkled scallop, snapper & cuttlefish sushi.

6 Hanare Jul 1

Seared toro, kampachi & salmon sushi.

7 Hanare Jul 1

Final Thoughts

Never a bad or mediocre meal here. We were pressed for time to sample more, but we’ll be back soon.

Location and Contact Details


Ground Floor, The Intermark,

Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2164-2133

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