It’s been awhile since a new Japanese restaurant possessed the potential to beguile our sushi-satiated city. But thanks to Hanare, the long wait is finally over.

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The highlight here is “chinmi” _ hard-to-find seafood delicacies that are an acquired taste.

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One perfect example: “bakurai,” the pickled innards of sea squirts (oceanic filter feeders). Pungently savory and pulpy, this causes customers to either swoon or sprint away screaming.

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Shirako (cod sperm sacs). Rather reminiscent of pig brains in both taste and texture, but with a creamier, milkier feel. Always a treat to taste this in KL (so far, we’ve only had it at Cilantro, Kampachi and the now-defunct Seki Tei at Holiday Villa Subang).

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Nama Karasumi

Nama karasumi. This salted fish roe is tasty, but not extraordinarily memorable. Nevertheless, all these items are ideal for whetting the appetite before a full dinner.

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Tamano Hikari Junmai Ginjyo (15 percent alkie).

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Location and Contact Details

Hanare Japanese Restaurant,

Ground Floor, The Intermark,

Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2164-2133/ 2164-2633

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