Get your ducks in a row, on the go: Here’s one fowl move we can get behind – a food truck that dabbles in Cantonese roast duck and smoked duck, glistening irresistibly on the hooks, from 1pm to 7pm everyday on a Sri Petaling roadside, at RM26 for half a whole roast duck and RM31 for half of the smoked. The good news is, the folks behind Good Good Duck are no quacks.

1. Good Good Duck 2. Good Good Duck3. Good Good Duck

Between this duo of ducks, our allegiance rests with the roast – terrifically fleshy, satisfyingly tender and sufficiently flavoursome. The smoked duck conveys a more distinctive, sweeter taste, but while it’s equally juicy, it has a bit less meat to sink your teeth into, so the choice might be a toss-up based on personal preferences. Enjoy either, or both, with a bottle of Merlot.

4. Good Good Duck 5. Good Good Duck 6. Good Good Duck 7. Good Good Duck

Location & Details

Good Good Duck

Hunt them down along Jalan Merah Silu, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

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