Husband-&-wife team Jonathan & Lydia helm this new cafe with a modern Australian influence – Jonathan spent several years working at restaurants in Perth before returning to KL in 2014.


Locally Sourced Ingredients

Good Food & Co is pretty passionate about its offerings, with a clearly thought-out variety of well-prepared, crowd-pleasing recipes including the ‘Eggs, Peas!’ (RM15), featuring two slow-cooked kampung eggs served with smashed peas, paprika aioli, crispy salami bits & the kitchen’s own-baked bread. The restaurant relies on locally sourced ingredients for most of its fare.




Daily Evolving Menu

The menu evolves everyday, with new specials constantly surfacing, but some egg-loving staples remain, such as the no-meat shakshouka (RM16), a steaming-hot stew of tomatoes & veggies topped with a baked egg, & the fluffy-chunky, fresh-&-warm frittata, a brunch possibility tinged with roasted beetroot & pumpkin (RM15).



Hearty Sandwich

Good Food should prove popular with the lunch crowd too, thanks to the likes of this hearty sandwich comprising chicken thigh that’s juicy & flavoursome, marinated in garlic confit & a house spice mix, crowned with cheddar cheese, herb dressing, aioli & tomato relish, packed into bread that provides a solid chew. RM17.


The Good Dog

Hot dog lovers will want to try The Good Dog (RM18), constructed with Langkawi-made Sailor’s beef-&-lamb sausage, nicely textured & spiced with cumin & chilli peppers, grilled & topped with caramelised onions. Or for a lighter snack, there are ‘jaffles’ too – toasties stuffed with tomatoes & cheese (RM8).



Coffee by Sprezzatura

Coffee is made with beans roasted right here in PJ by Sprezzatura. All in all, Good Food & Co is a noteworthy addition to Section 14’s F&B landscape, living up to its name with no-nonsense edibles – expect to hear more about it in the weeks ahead.



Location and Contact Details

Good Food & Co.

Level 5, Jaya Shopping Centre, Section 14, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open Monday-Saturday, 11am-830pm; Sunday, 1pm-830pm

Tel: 03 7931 5156

Find: Contact details and map for Good Food & Co. here.

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