Hoping to visit Nobu KL but horrified that prices might prove sky-high? The risk is resounding – one serving of tiger shrimp tempura costs RM78++ here, the salmon sashimi salad is RM65++, while tuna hand-rolls are RM40++. For the cash-strapped, here’s one temporary solution to keep costs relatively low: Go vegetarian.
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Nibble-Worthy Starters

Nobu has heaps of choices for a meatless meal, including nibble-worthy starters such as shishito peppers mixed with tender shimeji mushrooms in yuzu sauce (RM15++).


Crunchy and Smoky

Brick-oven-roasted cauliflower – crunchy & smoky, with extra heat supplied by some jalapeno sauce (RM30++).


Avocado tempura, creamy within & crisp without (RM13.50++, the same price as other types of vegetable tempura here, including asparagus, broccoli, carrot, Japanese eggplant, pumpkin & bell peppers).


New-Style Sashimi Tofu

Tofu prepared in Nobu’s ‘new-style sashimi’ fashion (RM25++). Note though: This vegetarian plan is far from fool-proof; one plate of grilled asparagus with dried miso will still clock in at RM50++, a spinach salad’s RM45++, while steamed broccoli with shiso salsa is RM40++, so even some meat-free items will seem out of reach.


Ice Kacang Nobu-Style

Sweeten your sorrows by selecting one dessert: Ice Kacang Nobu-Style (RM35++, found only in Nobu Kuala Lumpur), comprising calpico shaved ice, fresh coconut milk, azuki beans, coconut palm sugar, mango, cincau jelly, green tea mochi, roasted coconuts & peanuts.


The Nobu Cheesecake (RM40++), lighter than the norm in both taste & texture for a cheesecake, accompanied by yuzu strawberry sorbet, sesame crumble & red fruit sauce.


Whisky Cappuccino

The Suntory Whisky Cappuccino (RM30++), something for the liquor lover, with a cloud of boozy foam atop layers of coffee creme brulee, cocoa crumble & milk ice cream.


Light and Warm Satandagi

The satandagi (RM35++), light & warm doughnuts with soft centres of dark choc, complemented by pandan ice cream (another exclusively-in-Malaysia concoction), caramelised pistachios (excellent) & raspberry sauce.


Speciality Cocktail

If there’s still RM45++ left in your budget, then boost your spirits with a speciality cocktail: We suggest the Calamansi Shiso Mule (sake, fresh calamansi, shiso & ginger ale) or the Nobu Shochu Dragon (shochu, fresh dragon fruit, elderflower & lemon).



Location and Contact Details for Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Level 56, Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03 2164 5084

Monday-Saturday, 6pm-11pm.

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