If the city’s caffeine hangouts seem too clogged with crowds, consider driving out to Semenyih, where Four Corners Coffee recently opened in the Univillage student residential complex near the University of Nottingham.

1. Four Corners Coffee 2. Four Corners Coffee

Owned by the folks behind KL’s popular Brewmen and Bean Reserve cafes, this is a leafy, sunny sanctuary of calm where visitors can pause to ponder over a perfectly enjoyable Oreo waffle (RM10) and Chai hot chocolate (RM12).

3. Four Corners Coffee - oreo waffle 4. Four Corners Coffee - chai hot chocolate 5. Four Corners Coffee 6. Four Corners Coffee

Location & Details

Four Corners Coffee

UG 005 A, Univillage Club House, Jalan Univillage, Semenyih, Selangor. An hour’s drive out of KL.

Open Mon-Sat, 10am-930pm

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    Prishalini Rajagumar Yee Vern Le Human let’s visit PRISHA one day and we go to this place

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    u wanted to try brewman right Tee Wei Li

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