Say hello to gela-dough: Fiskee Dough’s signature temptation is a warm, crisp doughnut topped with gelato-inspired ice cream and sprinklings.

11. Fiskee Dough

10. Fiskee Dough

The most interesting variations include one with milky latte-flavoured ice cream, blueberries and edible flowers, poured over with a berry-based sweet sauce (RM14) and another with green tea ice cream, rosemary leaves, almond flakes and thick moo-juice sauce (RM12). Ideal for customers who require an immediate fix for dessert cravings and Instagram addictions.

5. Fiskee Dough

3. Fiskee Dough

2. Fiskee Dough

4. Fiskee Dough

6. Fiskee Dough

True to its name, there is no lack of carb-loaded, fresh-baked fare – bread and cakes – at Fiskee Dough, which has the potential to be one of Empire Damansara’s happiest places. Trivia: Fiskee is run by the folks behind Bukit Jalil’s popular Fishee Coffee.

7. Fiskee Dough

8. Fiskee Dough

9. Fiskee Dough

12. Fiskee Dough

13. Fiskee Dough

14. Fiskee Dough

15. Fiskee Dough

16. Fiskee Dough

Location & Details

Fiskee Dough

125 First Floor Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

Tues-Thurs, 5pm-11pm; Fri-Sun, 12pm-11pm.

Find: View directory for Fiskee Dough here

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