It’s a carnivore’s club at Elixir Kitchen, which promises plenty of pork and poultry, ham and sausages, beef, lamb and seafood, marinated in-house with a host of herbs and spices for a spike of flavour. Choose your protein from the restaurant’s ‘marketplace,’ then have the kitchen grill, pan-fry or oven-bake your meat and fish, served fresh and hot to satiate the lust for flesh.

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Pork platter

Start with a pork platter that encapsulates Elixir Kitchen’s signature recipes: the thick-sliced belly strip (RM18.90) conveys a sweet-savoury succulence that’ll have plenty of patrons licking their lips, while the hickory white wine chop (RM17.80) and Guinness-enhanced pork shoulder loin (RM17.80) have their merits too, with distinct seasonings that make an impression.

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There’s no lack of sausages to tempt us here, though the most luscious recommendation might be the, Ed Nord bratwurst. Ham is also worthwhile, with black pepper (RM13.80) telegraphing a nice zing and apple roast (RM13.90) bearing a subtle uplift.

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Meat mania

Cajun-spiced chicken (RM12.90), rosemary Aussie lamb shoulder (RM17.90), NZ beef rib-eye (RM33.80), each executed with care and respect for the produce, measuring up to the restaurant’s tagline of ‘all about herbs and spices’ – Elixir Kitchen was busy on a Wednesday night, a testament to how it manages to juggle the twin demands of satisfactory food and reasonable prices.

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Seafood and sides

The choices prove comprehensive enough that the bounty of the ocean is represented too – tiger grouper (RM29.80) is foil-baked for maximum moistness, while squid (RM15.80) is fired up for a tasty charred chew.

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Even the side orders are well-thought-out and interesting; check out the purple coleslaw (RM6.90) and a lovely fruit salad brimming with dragonfruit, berries and more (RM9.80).

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Beer is available to complement the caveman-worthy meat; many thanks to Elixir Kitchen for having us here.

Location & Details

Address: 69-G Jalan Temenggung 19/9, Seksyen 9, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Selangor
Hours: Mon-Fri, 1130am-10pm; Sat-Sun, 9am-10pm.
Tel: +603 9010 0407
Find: View directory for Elixir Kitchen here.

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