The Ang family’s nearly 70-year-old legacy of asam laksa spreads this month to Subang, extending to a new generation of the clan whose culinary roots rest in the beloved stall their matriarch started in Penang’s Air Itam market. Daughter Peoh refers to Evelynn Ang, who aims to preserve the authentic asam laksa – in the unmistakable broth that’s simultaneously tangy, sweet and spicy, fragrant with prawn paste, flavoursome with flaked sardines – that’s one of George Town’s most cherished heritage recipes. A hearty bowl costs RM8.90, satisfactory enough to revive Kek Lok Si memories. The menu also includes char kuey teow with duck egg (RM9.90; reasonable, though the cockles prove puny), Hokkien char, rojak, and prawn mee. Fun fact: Evelynn says her father currently runs Klang’s Angcle Peoh, which has earned a solid reputation in recent years for Penang specialities.

Location & Details

Address: 50, Jalan SS15/4B, SS15 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Hours: Daily, 1030am-10pm.
Tel: +603-5611-9833
Find: View directory for Daughter Peoh here.

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    Keryna So my turffff, come and visit me

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    Myke Angelo M

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    Kathleen Tan our next spot!

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    Doreen Teh Chua Siew Hong

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    Chow Wei Mei

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    Mana ?

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    Nicole Tan heard of this?

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      I just saw Kathy posted on FB yesterday. Wanted to ask her comments.

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    Nicole Ho

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    Minami Harada assam laksa

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    Mohan Ramakrishnan Angcle Peoh’s

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    SHaron CHan SF

    • SHaron CHan SF November 29, 2017 Subscriber

      Must eat ! I was eating ah Cheng laksa today coz craving for it . Thanks

    • Chloe Lsa November 29, 2017 Subscriber

      SHaron CHan SF go try.. there is one branch at kk near to hero call angle pheoh i think is the father shop.. the laksa is quite good.. can skip the rest of the food hahaha

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    Wei Han Loh

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    Nicholas Lim

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