Dah Makan has steadily nurtured a reputation in recent months for being one of KL’s most dependable lunchbox delivery services. We tried it this past week & found that it ticks all the boxes for what we’d hope for from a service like this: Delivery is efficient & friendly, & the food is very hearty & vibrantly well-balanced in every sense.


Dah Makan offers a totally different recipe every weekday, thoughtfully textured with international inspirations – the menu from Monday through Friday might leap from Greek to Mexican to Middle Eastern, Italian to Japanese to Vietnamese. We liked what we had: robust beef, tender chicken, tasty tofu, partnered with a full spectrum of fresh, complex ingredients – veggies, nuts, legumes & sauces – that complement each other nicely. Wholesome nutrition, done deliciously. Each meal remained warm when we received it, ideal for immediate eating. Portions are princely, ensuring even hungry customers should be satisfied.




Most of these beautifully packaged boxes start from RM18; delivery is free, & there’s no minimum order – see DahMakan.com for full details & instructions. Plans are also afoot for dinner deliveries under the MINT brand.





Location and Contact Details

Dah Makan

Tel: +6014-327-9972

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