Passionate about chocolate? So are the people behind Chocolate Concierge, a new Malaysian brand that makes its own magical cacao-adoring creations – from artisanal truffles & pralines to brittles & barks, single-origin choc coins & bars to lollies to rochers – & recently started selling them in the sweet-treats section of Jasons Food Hall in Bangsar Shopping Centre.



Rustic-looking Hand-piped Truffles

Start with the rustic-looking hand-piped truffles Рcomprising single-origin Costa Rica 40 Percent Milk choc ganache, thinly coated with cocoa powder, or Venezuela 88 Percent Dark Р& the comparatively prettier pralines Рoffered in distinctive & distinct-tasting varieties like Dark Ganache with Double-Shot Cappuccino, Arabica Coffee with Mascarpone Filling, Dark with Golden Apricot Filling, Almond Hazelnut Cream, Pistachio & more. Sumptuously soft & smooth, irresistibly rich & flavoursome.




RM4.80 nett per piece, but if you want them in one of Chocolate Concierge’s beautiful boxes, it’s RM48 for a five-piece box & RM78 for a ten-piecer. Not a bad choice at all if you’re scheming to splurge on a special celebratory gift for this festive week.Chocolate_Concierge_at_Bangsar_Shopping_Centre_Restaurant_Review6 Chocolate_Concierge_at_Bangsar_Shopping_Centre_Restaurant_Review7 Chocolate_Concierge_at_Bangsar_Shopping_Centre_Restaurant_Review8

Chocolate Barks

Don’t skip the chocolate barks, ideal for the young-at-heart – expect a cornucopia of Coconut Flakes & Orange Peel, Roasted Pecans & Caramel, Caramelised Hazelnuts, Almond & Orange Reduction, Raisins & Caramelised Macadamias, & Cranberries & Roasted Almonds, plus brittles with cocoa nibs & coffee or salted caramel & fleur de sel. A terrific treat, crafted with a generous-enough garnishing of fruit & nuts in top-drawer milk, dark & white chocolate to warrant spending RM21.20 per 100 grammes. Or ask the staff to break up the barks & pack as much as possible into a RM72 box that’ll suffice for four people.




Chocolate Coins

For the ultimate purity of pleasure though, the chocolate coins are hard to beat – a melt-in-the-mouth indulgence of potently compelling, concentrated flavour; feed these to your friends & watch them swoon with irrepressible rapture – in assortments like Ecuador Columbia Ghana 52 Percent Dark. RM50.88 per 200-gramme pack; tastings are available before purchase.





Location and Contact Details

Chocolate Concierge

Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Tel: +6012-528 2562

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