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6 seafood market restaurants in KL and Selangor

These eateries showcase their freshest catch for customers to choose from, from fish to crustaceans and all manner of molluscs.

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Eatomo Food Co at Taman Desa: Restaurant review

Taman Desa's Eatomo Food Co is hooking this neighbourhood up with fresh fish, oysters, mussels and more, reeling with fun ideas

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15 special seafood dishes from restaurants around KL and Selangor

Sweet, succulent, fresh seafood is always a treat, but not always easily to find. Here's a list of seafood dishes from restaurants around the Klang Valley that will surely tickle your taste buds.

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Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant at Cheras: Restaurant review

Four Seasons offers well-executed Chinese cuisine with a Malaysian flair to capture crowds of families and friends in a bright, comfortable setting.

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Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood at Kampung Baru Ampang: Restaurant review

Ampang's veteran BBQ specialist moved from its longtime location in Taman Cahaya to a sprawling venue in Kampung Baru Ampang

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Recipe of the month: Dewakan's Blue Mackerel

Darren Teoh, founder & chef at Dewakan, one of the country’s most acclaimed restaurants, is known for thrusting

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VietThai at TTDI: Snapshot

VietThai specialises in communal-feasting hotpot recipes that hail from regions north of our border

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Thai Garden Village at Kepong: Restaurant review

A massive restaurant that serves Thai food with flair, including seafood and barbecued meat.

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Delay No More Crab Restaurant at Sri Hartmas: Snapshot

Delay No More supplies a call to action for customers to feast on crustaceans - crabs, specifically

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Tsubohachi at Solaris Dutamas: Restaurant Review

Tsubohachi seeks to offer the full spectrum of an izakaya-inspired experience in KL, striving to blend a kaleidoscope of Japanese flavours with courteous hospitality in a casual, exuberant setting.

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Yamaguchi Fish Market at Kampung Pandan: Restaurant Review

From Japanese sea breams to Malaysian white snappers, Canadian-bred sea urchins to French oysters & Alaskan king crabs, Yamaguchi Fish Market is a one-stop polestar for customers coveting the opulence of the world's oceans. The water's the limit.

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