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Completely Bangers... And So Much More!

I don't know how it is for you, but for me, when someone mentions sausages, my taste buds start to dance and I need

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Penang's Burgeoning Food Truck Scene

Penang's hawker food heritage have earned the island its stamp of authenticity when it comes to eating out. The

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No Fire Without Smoke (Rubs BBQ Smokehouse): Restaurant Review

The meats are slow-cooked and infused with a variety of different rubs, allowing for complex flavours and extremely tender meat.

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Weiner Hot Dogs at Da:Men Mall, USJ Subang Jaya: Restaurant review

Satisfyingly sloppy hot dogs, served in hefty portions that convey substance and weight, constructed with succulent, real-meat sausages, blanketed in richly flavourful, interesting toppings

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Root Cellar KL at Seven Cups, Empire Damansara: Review

One of the Klang Valley's most satisfying F&B collaborations takes shape this month at Seven Cups, which is hosting the creative cooks of the KL-born Root Cellar initiative in a pop-up kitchen that makes lovely use of Empire Damansara's outdoors.

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Afternoon Tea Mantou & Evening Posh Nosh at The Gastro Project: Restaurant Review

The Gastro Project has recently introduced two intriguing promotions: An Afternoon Tea menu that features creative sliders constructed with mantou buns & fun fillings, as well as Posh Nosh three-course dinnertime sets that change every fortnight.

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BRATS at Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya: Restaurant Review

BRATS looks nothing like a hot dog parlour - its roofed, atrium-style courtyard at the back, converted from a kopitiam kitchen, could be mistaken for a contemporary art museum corridor.

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Streaky Hot Dogs at Sri Petaling: Restaurant Review

Customisable hot dogs are streaking into Sri Petaling; restaurant founders Jeffers, Desmond, Tyler and their team have created one of the most family-friendly destinations imaginable for everybody who loves massive wieners.

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