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Five-HT at Maarof, Bangsar: Cafe review

With cafe fatigue bubbling over in KL, folks seeking fresh sparks of chemistry might be fired up by Five-HT (the

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Twenty Eight Telawi at Bangsar: Snapshot

Granada-born chef Javier maintains an affable presence at Telawi's latest restaurant, where small plates might be the order of the day, evoking the tapas of Javier's homeland.

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Kaiju Company at APW Bangsar: Restaurant review

Kaiju is powered by a hybrid of mainly Japanese and Thai gastronomic inspirations, unleashed under the spectacle of a 30-metre origami dragon that's lit up like a lantern after sundown.

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Define:food at The Boulevard, Mid Valley: Restaurant review

Define:food translates into a meaningful interpretation of fun, casual dining, with restaurateur Ryan Yeoh and chef

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The Crazy Chef at SS15 Subang Jaya: Restaurant review

It's an eatery that makes the effort to be worth checking out, projecting honest, wholesome flavours with slivers of sophistication, propagating Asian ingredients by dint of European-inflected preparations.

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Makirito at APW Bangsar (4th-6th November 2016)

What do you get when you take a Japanese sushi roll & infuse it with influences from Hawaiian poke bowls & Tex-Mex burritos? Here's what..

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33 Blue Room at Petaling Jaya: Snapshot

Kind of blue: This jazz and wine bar promises a touch of elegance that's thoroughly unexpected in a PJ industrial

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The Boar at Damansara Uptown: Restaurant review

What a Boar! Damansara Uptown's new pop-up kitchen merits hall-of-fame status for hog hunters, displaying one of

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Le Petit Rococo at Tengkat Tong Shin: Pop-up cafe review

This is a satisfying stop for hearty sandwiches assembled to order with loaves that showcase artisanal baking

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Manja at Old Malaya, Raja Chulan: Restaurant review

Manja's menu layers familiar Malaysian flavours and textures with influences from across the globe, from Japan, to Spain, New Orleans, and Tuscany.

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Cedar on 15 at Impiana KLCC: Restaurant review

Back in the days of Kuala Lumpur’s renaissance – that period of rapid modernisation that began in earnest about 20

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Bakar at Bangsar: Restaurant review

Bakar, which means “burn” in Malay, churns out some top notch fare - and you can even see your food being prepared in the open kitchen

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Edo Ichi at Nexus Bangsar South: Restaurant review

Edo Ichi takes a creditable approach to contemporary Japanese cuisine; its wide-ranging menu pledges something for every preference

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Ploy at Publika: Restaurant review

Ploy is not for gourmands with traditionalist tastes but for taste buds that enjoy Asian spices in non-Asian dishes

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