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The Soprano's Italian-German Restaurant at Old Klang Road: Restaurant Review

Chef Sergio E.V. hails from Sicily, but he has both Italian and Austrian blood coursing through his veins, making him a versatile figure who's capable of cooking up a cross-border storm at this new first-floor restaurant in Old Klang Road's NewCom building.

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Black & White at Mont Kiara: Snapshot

Prefer less colourful coffee? We feel you; check out Plaza Mont Kiara's amiably unassuming Black & White Cafe for more traditional lattes and flat whites.

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Ojo at Bangsar: Snapshot

If you're looking for offbeat coffee, Bangsar's Ojo Coffee also has some, featuring flavours like red velvet and pina colada.

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Dear Azalea at Riana Green Plaza: Snapshot

This family-run cafe cheerily caters to kids, who'll try to coax their parents to purchase T-shirts, lollipops and party supplies here.

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Cafe Vina at Setia Alam: Restaurant Review

Every neighbourhood deserves a a cosy venue like Cafe Vina, situated across the street from a row of terrace homes, spearheaded by the family who founded Pizza Uno in the 1990s (they've since sold their stake in the Italian restaurants).

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Rubberduck at Plaza Damas: Restaurant Review

The two women who run Rubberduck are no quacks - Kat and Lin, bolstered by a hard-working crew, have launched a new alfresco cafe that could float close to the top of Plaza Damas' best bets for freshly baked cakes and fragrantly brewed coffee.

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