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Best of Both Worlds: Nyonya Restaurants in KL and Selangor

If the spicy and flavourful Ikan masak nenas or Sambal petai udang doesn't get you hooked to Nyonya food, the Sago Gula Melaka will.

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Alibaba and Nyonya at TTDI: Snapshot

The chicken pongteh is a surprising standout, with a resonant flavour that does justice to the beloved classic.

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Anak Baba at Brickfields: Snapshot

Born in Brickfields this year, Anak Baba proudly represents the latest generation of southern Peranakan-inspired eateries in KL

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Sayang Sayang Nyonya at The Market Place, OUG: Restaurant Review

This new Nyonya restaurant means to impress, with a comprehensive menu curated by an actual Malaccan Baba cooking sifu. There's even a music performance.

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Okra at Sunway Geo Avenue: Restaurant review

Malacca by way of Sarawak: Okra offers Nyonya cuisine that stems from recipes that Alicia Joseph, an indigenous

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Penang Nyonya Wok at Off Old Klang Road: Snapshot

Economy rice with some Penang Nyonya influences: You'll find daily dishes galore for your chap fan fix (even after 2pm on a weekday)

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Mamalee at Damansara Uptown: Snapshot

Familiar local comfort food for Damansara Uptown's workers, served with warmth that evokes home.

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Makanhouse at Bangsar: Restaurant review

Bangsar's new hive for local fare brings the neighbourhood together for everything from nasi dagang to fish ball noodle soup in a community-spirited setting filled with rustic touches and fun flourishes (take a seat on the swing or the repurposed bathtubs).

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