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Rarn D'Anggun at Subang Jaya: Snapshot

Taking pride in their Kelantanese heritage, the proprietors of Rarn D'Anggun do a delicious nasi kerabu, aromatically fresh and naturally lovely, just like how we'd expect it to taste in a village not far from Kota Bharu.

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Nasi Kukus Mama Sab at Subang Jaya: Snapshot

Nasi Kukus Mama Sab's namesake recipe is a joy - warm rice drenched in a delicious gulai gravy, with some fiery sambal and cooling cucumbers on the side

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Mezcla Burrito Bar at Subang: Restaurant Review

Mezcla does a good job of conveying the crowd-pleasing flavours of Mexican-inspired fare

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Boran Thai Food at Subang Jaya: Restaurant review

Fans of authentic Thai fare in Subang Jaya have a new destination that deserves to become a frequent top choice: Boran Classic Thai Street Food has spread here from PJ's Seapark, launching its second outpost in SS14, serving up soul food by Chonburi-born Donut and her Malaysian husband Yang in a setting that's loaded with colour and character.

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Good Times Bistro at Mont Kiara: Restaurant review

This is an Asian-accented bistro that sources and prepares its ingredients carefully to provide customers with the best experience that it can deliver.

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Good Ground Bakery at Subang Jaya: Bakery review

Poised to gain ground among fans of baked fare, this new haven for pastries, cakes & cookies is a labour of love by Sarah, who honed her craft for over 18 months as a home baker before creating her own space to showcase her passion.

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Hype Concept Cafe at SS15 Subang: Snapshot

Hype is becoming a firm favourite in Subang's college enclave, with credit due to its buoyant vibe and upbeat fare.

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Veli: The Taste of Maldives at SS15 Subang: Snapshot

Maldivian cuisine in Malaysia? Count us in: Veli (which means 'sand' in the Dhivehi language) offers not only a casual beachside vibe but a few flavoursome cornerstones of Male's cooking.

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Outdark Malaysia at SS15 Subang: Restaurant review

The Korean fried chicken craze continues to claw across Subang, with Busan-birthed Outdark opening its first Malaysian branch this month, following scores of offshoots across South Korea and Hong Kong.

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Chicken Up at SS15 Subang Jaya: Restaurant review

One of Singapore's most popular bastions for Korean fried chicken has sprung up in the Klang Valley, offering

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Fa Ying Street at SS15 Courtyard, Subang Jaya: Restaurant review

Fa Ying Street, a new venue that strives to bring the sultry sizzle and spice of Bangkok's captivating cooking to Malaysians in Subang

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Big Singh Chapati at SS15 Subang: 2017 menu

The food here is lip-smacking, promising robust flavours and rich textures, perfected by a terrific team that has mastered the cuisine of the Punjab region of India and Pakistan.

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Great Hall at Skypark, One City USJ: Restaurant review

In what seems like a hipster restaurant-and-bar's tongue-in-cheek take on Chairman Mao's revolutionary spirit,

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Phix at SS15 Subang: Snapshot

The Phix is in: This cafe-store might mainly entice vapers with its shelves of e-cig kits, but its menu may be worth hitting up if you're nearby

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Bibisik at SkyPark, One City USJ: Snapshot

Bibisik's forte is its wide selection of Malaysian classics served in a vibrant setting

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