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12 creative sriracha-spiked dishes to try at restaurants in KL and Selangor

Sriracha, the delicious hot sauce popular in Vietnamese and Thai cooking, has become a go-to condiment to raise the heat for a multitude of dishes, both classic and contemporary

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B2B Burns 2 Bottles at Solaris Mont Kiara: Restaurant Review

B2B Burns 2 Bottles could become a new hotspot for modern Thai fare, firing up the imagination with a crowd-pleasing collection of sharing plates at sensible prices.

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Square Q Cafe at Solaris Mont Kiara: Restaurant Review

This cheerful, family-run cafe promises a unique proposition - Taiwanese-inspired waffle-shaped desserts made with milk & glutinous rice flour, instead of baking powder & wheat flour, resulting in a treat meant to evoke the pleasantly chewy texture of mochi rice cakes. Moffles?

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The Art of Italian Cuisine at Michelangelo's: Restaurant Review

Michelangelo is revered historically as perhaps Italy’s finest artist of the Renaissance, a sculptor, painter, and architect of unparalleled renown. It follows, then, that a restaurant bearing his name would strive to achieve a level of culinary artistry, as well. [Sponsored]

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Recipe for Fudgey Chewy Brownies by KL's Swich Cafe

This month, Swich founder Lim Cheng Cheng reveals a recipe for her most cherished creation and explains why it holds a special place in her heart.

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Summer Specials at Crazy Fish, Solaris Mont Kiara: Restaurant Review

A return to Crazy Fish, where the one-of-a-kind seafood selection flown into Malaysia from South Korea has evolved slowly but steadily.

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