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12 Restaurants for Avocado Lovers in KL & Selangor

Here are 12 places for avocado lovers to check out in KL and Selangor.

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16 Destinations for Offal Lovers in KL & Selangor

Tripe, Tongue and Tails! Here are 16 destinations for offal lovers to check out in KL and Selangor.

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Coolinary Ronins: Pop-Up Kitchen Review

The enigmatic Coolinary Ronins, who insist on anonymity for now unleashed their opening salvo this year as a pop-up kitchen on Fri-Sat at Damansara Uptown's The Great Beer Bar, but their stint there will end Nov. 30

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Sudo Brew at Damansara Jaya: Snapshot

There's time & space for both work & play at Sudo Brew, where deadline-besieged customers can pore over their spreadsheets while a tireless team of baristas pours them all the cups of cappuccino it takes to get the job done.

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Benjy Cafe at E-Tiara Subang Jaya: Restaurant Review

Benjy Cafe is the ideal neighbourhood destination for comfort food, prepared with plenty of thought & heart to deliver satisfying flavours.

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Hana Dining + Sake Bar at Sunway Pyramid: Restaurant Review

This Malaysian spin-off of Taipei's respected A-Plus Japanese eatery offers a surprisingly imaginative selection that's satisfyingly executed & fun to experience.

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Gula Cakery at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam: Snapshot

Gula Cakery is a family effort in the fullest sense: High-profile baker Arieni Ritzal creates the seductive cakes that beckon customers, her brother Adrien designed the cafe & their parents prepare hot meals for lunch & dinner.

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10 Treats to Try for Nut Lovers in KL & Selangor

Love nuts? Here are 10 nutty dishes to check out in KL and Selangor.

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P.S. Tokyo at PJ SS2: Snapshot

P.S. Tokyo is a calm & welcoming retreat that specialises in Japanese-inspired desserts & drinks. Perfect for a hot day or night.

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