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Rakshee at Kota Damansara: Restaurant Review

This winningly cheerful restaurant lives up to its promise of a 'new way to eat bakso,' bringing lovers of Indonesian beef balls on a cross-continental culinary incline into Italy, a spin through Sweden and a trek of Thailand - luckily, each detour is delicious.

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Erawan at Dataran Sunway: Restaurant review

Fans of Thai food in KL can find succor in this fascinatingly adorned outlet, which features a plethora of recipes rarely available elsewhere.

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T.B.F Brunch Bar Desserts at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara: Restaurant Review

Duck bacon strips accompanied by Harry Potter-inspired butterbeer? For an all-day-brunch menu that takes out-of-the-blue detours into red-hot new territory, it may be worth travelling to TBF, The Beer Factory's revamped outpost in Kota Damansara.

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Bmon Cafe at Kota Damansara: Restaurant Review

Cosy & colourful, calm & casual, cheerful & charming, Kota Damansara's Bmon Cafe - spearheaded by Malaysian brothers Travis & Roy - supplies an excellent escape for the young-at-heart.

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3 Bags Full at Kota Damansara: Restaurant Review

Baa humbug? Launching in time for Christmas, this new venue owned by Malaysian chef Beljian Neo & two of his friends showcases some interesting ideas that make it worth visiting.

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Coffeels Coffee Kitchen at Kota Damansara: Restaurant Review

Hitting the sweet spot as the work week winds up, here's a brief glimpse at Coffeels Coffee Kitchen, another friendly hangout in Kota Damansara.

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Ahmad & Co. Coffee + Cigars at Kota Damansara: Restaurant Review

This week's newest cafe attraction: Ahmad & Co, a curiosity-provoking establishment that traffics in both caffeine & cigars on one of Kota Damansara's roads less travelled.

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Cafe Studio at Kota Damansara: Cafe Review

A calm hideout that's one of the Klang Valley's most intriguingly outfitted new cafes. This is such stuff as a

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Wood & Steel at Kota Damansara: Cafe Review

Checking out a new coffee bars with appealingly artistic bents to complement their caffeine: Wood & Steel at

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