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D'Caveau: A Bottle of Wine with a Side of Steak

When most of us think of wine pairing, we think of looking at the food first and then deciding – or being told –

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Homestyle Thai Cooking at Meat & Sea

Among the newest of the many eateries in Desa Sri Hartamas is Meat & Sea. We visited recently, without any

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Shin Nihon: The Thrill of the Grill

It’s always a great pleasure for us to return to Shin Nihon, a restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas that has in three

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Experience Hygge at Kopenhagen Coffee

This post was contributed by EatDrink Brand Ambassador Chia Hui Tzi. Hygge is defined as characteristics of

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Low and Slow Burn BBQ at Burnin' Pit

This post was written by EatDrink Brand Ambassador Nurul. As soon as you enter Burnin’ Pit, you are greeted with

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Go Meatless at Sala KL

This post was written by EatDrink Brand Ambassador Alleena.  Determined to sample new cuisine, vegan to be

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Beatles & Buns: Snapshot

The burger-loving community in KL are rather fastidious in what they would regard as great burgers, and it's no

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Royal Thai Cuisine with a Million Dollar View

Though Thailand attracts plenty of visitors with its famous islands and beaches, it’s probably safe to say that

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Tastes Good, Feels Good: Delicious Healthy Eats Around KL

From paleo-friendly plates to protein-packed meals, it's high time to check out these healthy eats around KL if you haven't!

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Where to Find Alcoholic Ice Cream in KL and Selangor

With flavours like Sparkling Rosé Sorbet, Crunchy Coffee Whisky, and Banana Bailey's, we cannot get enough of these boozy desserts.

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Toridoki KL: Restaurant Review

What’s great about Toridoki is that you can easily put together any sort of meal you like, choosing from veggies, salads, appetizers, side dishes, and of course that appealing array of grilled chicken skewers.

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Beer Shack at Desa Sri Hartamas: Restaurant Review

Beer Shack marries a passion for food with the love of beer, in a setting that pops with colourful vibrancy.

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Vantador at Desa Sri Hartamas: Restaurant Review

We visit new steakhouse Vantador for some awesome Australian beef, tantalising tapas, creative cocktails, and desserts that were demolished.

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Shin Nihon at Desa Sri Hartamas: Restaurant review

Beef-eaters, unite: If you're a fan of red meat, Shin Nihon could become one of your favourite new destinations; with multiple outposts in Tokyo, this charcoal-grilled beef purveyor unveils its first Malaysian branch this month

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Sala Vegan Restaurant at Desa Sri Hartamas: Restaurant review

This vegan haven is a melting pot of flavours from Mexico, Malaysia and more, illuminating how a meatless meal can consist of full-bodied, fulfilling fare

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