It might not exactly be a cabin in the woods, but this new cafe – run by a 21-year-old (!) – is pretty well-hidden too, nestled within a leafy compound beside the La Salle secondary school on PJ’s Jalan Gasing.


Getting There

How to head here? Drive past the school on your left (in the direction of Jalan Universiti toward Old Klang Road), then look out immediately for the Chezz hair salon. Free outdoor parking for several cars is available behind the building, which houses both Chezz & its freshly introduced unique extension, Caffeinated Cabin.


Perfect for Photography

Caffeinated Cabin is an appointment-worthy destination for social media junkies; this place is perfect for photography, so expect every nook of it to pop up on Instagram in the weeks ahead, from the air-conditioned interior where lots of sunlight streams in …


… to the great outdoors, an idyllic space that’s ideal for an afternoon’s escape, making us wish the weather were much cooler.


Smoked Duck Open-Face Sandwich

Caffeinated Cabin’s soft-launch menu marks a solid start; the smoked duck open-face sandwich is generously piled with more meat than expected, carefully prepared & pretty tasty with thick potato wedges (RM20.90). Cafe owner Derry is not a novice in this business – his father runs Touche Pastries at Section 17, so he has the family’s backing.


Poached Egg with….

Poached egg with raisin toast, mozzarella cheese, rocket leaves & mango puree (RM19.90). Interesting combo; Caffeinated Cabin has potential. Note though: The kitchen is tiny & still working out the kinks; food orders might take a bit long to emerge.


Sweet Treats

No lack of pastries & sweet treats on display here, all sourced from Touche’s ovens nearby for maximum practicality.


A Taste for Tangy Desserts

Passion fruit, mango & other citrus-based desserts; for better or worse, Caffeinated Cabin certainly has a taste for the tangy.


Coffee’s Coffex

Coffee’s Coffex, definitely decent. There’s also an unusual lemon-laced iced coffee here that could be an acquired taste.



Affogato, elaborate & extra-creamy, with not only fresh-brewed espresso & ice cream but whipped cream & caramel sauce too.



Location and Contact Details

Caffeinated Cabin

64, Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya

Open 7am-7pm, except Mondays

Tel: 011-3310 4498

Find: Caffeinated Cabins directory listing here.

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