No Longer in Operation.

Wakey wakey! La Vie En Rose opens bright & early, serving lunch Tuesdays through Fridays & brunch on weekends.

1 La Vie En Rose

19 La Vie En Rose

20 La Vie En Rose

Croque Tartiflette

Comfort food in a sandwich, plumped up with potatoes, onions & Reblochon, a cow’s milk cheese from the French Alps region of Haute-Savoie. Hot & hearty, this might be the ultimate carb-laden nightmare for an Atkins dieter.

2 La Vie En Rose

Eggs Dishes

The creamiest, most aromatic scrambled eggs we’ve had in ages, temptingly laced with truffles. Decadence need not wait till nightfall. Served with La Vie En Rose’s own pumpkin jam – a homemade spread that we initially thought was produced from apricot & persimmon.

3 La Vie En Rose

Two perfectly poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce in a hollowed-out bread. A Gallic twist to Eggs Benedict, every bit as sinfully brilliant. Note: most of La Vie En Rose’s egg dishes are available only on weekends.

4 La Vie En Rose


Roasted pumpkin, grana padano cheese, rocket, grilled nuts & balsamic vinegar – many of our favorite salad ingredients in one bowl

5 La Vie En Rose

Sardines from Brittany

Connetable sardines in extra virgin olive oil & lemon. These sardines from Brittany are a treat, with flesh that’s flakier & less stinky than supermarket varieties.

6 La Vie En Rose

Foie Gras Terrine

La Vie En Rose’s foie gras terrine, filled with apple compote, is absolutely as good as liver gets. Not on the a la carte menu, but ask if it’s available.

7 La Vie En Rose

Grouper Bouillabaisse

This photo-edited-till-golden, grouper-only version of bouillabaisse brims with the rich brininess that only something from the sea can supply. Chickens, cows & pigs need not apply.

8 La Vie En Rose


Don’t move our cheese: La Vie En Rose serves nice ones. For cow’s milk cheese, try the silky-soft Saint-Marcellin or the firmer Salers from the volcanic mountains of Auvergne.

9 La Vie En Rose

Abondance, Ossau Iraty & Blue Stilton. Wish we were more of cheese connoisseurs, so that we could appreciate these better. Still, they tasted terrific to us.

10 La Vie En Rose


Vanilla ice cream, the purest of pleasures with Lodovico Campari’s highly honored, sweetly sourish 15-year-aged balsamic vinegar of Modena.

11 La Vie En Rose

Time for tarts: lemon tart with strawberry sorbet.

12 La Vie En Rose

Guanaja chocolate tart, boasting a bittersweet intensity.

13 La Vie En Rose


Anise-flavored Mauresque (Ricard & Orgeat) & Perroquet (Ricard & mint).

14 La Vie En Rose

Kir Royale (champagne, creme de cassis).

15 La Vie En Rose

Red, red wine, stay close to me….

16 La Vie En Rose

Vinegar For Sale

Got vinegar? La Vie En Rose’s store sells it! This is simply a sample though.

17 La Vie En Rose

18 La Vie En Rose

Location and Contact Details

La Vie En Rose,

39, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2078-3883

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