Some cafes swing for the fences to make their settings seem singular & striking; here are three such notable newbies.

BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_1

BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_2

1. Brew Time

Brew Time at Damansara Perdana’s Empire Damansara is a playground for coffee fans, in more ways than one. Thanks to its cool choice of furnishing, here’s where caffeine lovers can truly swing when they’re winning _ but no crying over spilled coffee. BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_12

Tribal Coffee

Brew Time serves Doi Chaang coffee cultivated by the Akha tribe on Thai mountains in the Golden Triangle _ single-estate organic Arabica coffee, shade-grown, hand-picked & sun-dried, with profits shared fairly with thousands of indigenous farmers in lush, ecologically sustainable Thai plantations. Light bites include Greek salads, creamy-crunchy egg-and-apple sandwiches with brown country rye, plus New York cheesecakes. BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_3

Location and Contact Details

Brew Time

Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

Daily, 10am-7pm

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2. Thinking Cups

Make Your Mark

Also worth a look: Thinking Cups at Aman Suria, which features a brick wall where customers can scrawl messages to leave their own personal mark on this place for posterity. BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_4 BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_13 This is a calm venue where customers can sip in silent contemplation, with shelves filled with books for both adults and children to leisurely browse.

BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_5


Coffee mocktails are available here, mixed with the likes of passion fruit to pair with basic hot meals like Japanese curry spaghetti, chicken pies and beef sliders. BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_6

Location and Contact Details

Thinking Cups Coffee.Books.Space

B-G-20, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Daily, 930am-8pm. Tel: 03-7886-3856

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3. Jeneris

Final destination: Nu Sentral’s Jeneris by Ahren, where the crimson shipping container theme is eye-catching. BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_7 BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_14

Coffee and Cake

Sumatran Gayo Mountain coffee is available to pair with all manner of pastries and cakes. Quantity, Jeneris has it in spades. BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_8

On The Run?

Hot takeaway meals cater for KL’s Sentral’s crowds-in-transit; the rice with mutton and potato curry could be a pleaser. BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_9 Jeneris is the opening salvo in a potentially ambitious cafe chain, with each outlet named after a different small town in Malaysia (Jeneris refers to Kuala Jeneris in Terengganu). The next outlet by the Ahren group will be Tytap at KLIA2, opening next month. BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_10 BrewTime ThinkingCups Jeneris_11

Location and Contact Details

Jeneris By Ahren

CC-14, Concourse Level, Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Daily, 10am-10pm

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