A cool name for a cosy nook; Beary Potter is a cafe & studio that specialises in the twin pleasures of pancakes & pottery (!), hidden on the highest floor of an obscure complex in Cheras above a Muay Thai gym. Worth the hunt? Possibly, potentially.



Savoury Pancakes

Savoury pancake choices include the Japanese-inflected Okonomiyaki (RM15), topped with a whirlwind of bonito flakes, a fried egg & okonomi sauce, & the Caesar Salad (RM15), two pancakes with sliced chicken, egg, potatoes, & dressed romaine lettuce with croutons. Essentially, pancakes inserted into familiar recipes to create new combos of sorts. Reasonably well-prepared & fairly priced; other variations include pancakes with shrimp & potatoes, or with sausage, mushrooms & cheese.

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Sweet Options

Sweet options comprise pancakes with macadamia nuts & macadamia sauce (RM15; pleasantly punchy flavours, with a moist creaminess to complement the comparatively dense pancakes), plus pancakes with marshmallows & Hershey’s chocolate sauce (RM12) or mango cubes, blended mango sauce & vanilla ice cream (RM15). Nothing very risky, but enjoyable enough.

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Pottery Workshops

Pottery workshops might help burn off a few of the pancake calories, perhaps – a two-hour trial class that explains the basics of clay & ceramic clocks in at RM80, which includes the cost of materials. Could be fun, if it’s anything like the scene from ‘Ghost.’

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Location and Contact Details

Beary Potter Studio Cafe

A-1-9, Connaught Avenue, Taman Connaught

Tel: +603-9107-6054

Open Thurs-Tues, 12pm-7pm

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