Bavarian Wirtshaus at Ara Damansara: Restaurant review

This German-owned eatery on a far-flung street is one of Ara Damansara’s few outlets for crispy pork knuckles, but its more unusual specialties were what lured us here.


Getting a raw deal: mett, the notorious recipe of minced uncooked pork & chopped onions seasoned with salt & pepper. Soft & squishy, with a delicate flavor.


After a few bites, we started feeling squeamish about health risks, so we sent the mett back to the kitchen & asked them to cook it. The result: pork burger patties!


We were less wary about the raw beef in this steak tartare. Supremely luscious, providing a pleasurable chew with the texture of tendons.


White asparagus with ham, Hollandaise sauce & boiled potatoes. Multiple components combine forces for culinary synergy: Wrap the succulent ham around an asparagus spear, immerse it in the sauce, then munch it with the achingly soft potatoes. Magic.


Roast goose with red cabbage. A handsome hunk of meat; the flesh could be more tender, but we recommend this for the deliciously savory skin.



Morande Reserva Pinot Noir on the left and Mancura Chardonnay on the right.

Location & Details

Bavarian Wirtshaus

Address: No. 13H, Block H, Jalan PJU 1A/3, Ara Damansara, 47620 Petaling Jaya, 47301, Malaysia

Tel: 7842 7088

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