A welcome new entry into the Klang Valley’s Thai food landscape, Baan Kanom Jeen is dedicated to one of our favourite Thai recipes – founder Suphasan Boonratana hopes to bring wider recognition in Malaysia for kanom jeen, an addictive ensemble of thin boiled rice noodles partnered with a plethora of curries, gravies and sauces.

1. Baan Kanom Jeen

2. Baan Kanom Jeen

For the ideal experience, order the hearty Kanom Jeen Set, more than sufficient for two customers, comprising 12 slurp-worthy noodle balls with four sauces, boiled eggs, crunchy anchovies and a crisp, fresh assortment of leafy herbs and vegetables (RM39.90).

3. Baan Kanom Jeen

The secret of the set’s success ultimately rests in the sauces – a classic green curry with tender chunks of chicken, a southern Thai yellow sauce that’s creamy and extra-spicy, a namya pla fish sauce that’s deliciously textured and savoury, and a namphrik sauce that’s a certain crowd-pleaser with its sweetish blend of nuts and minced prawns. It’s fun to experiment with each sauce, mixing and matching to yield different dynamics of flavour – we prefer the namya pla and namphrik sauces the best.

4. Baan Kanom Jeen

5. Baan Kanom Jeen

A single serving of kanom jeen is available too for RM10.90, featuring three noodle balls with one sauce and all the other accompaniments – a fair price for a fulfilling meal. Additional noodle balls cost RM1.70 each, while extra sauces are RM6.90.

6. Baan Kanom Jeen

7. Baan Kanom Jeen

8. Baan Kanom Jeen

The kitchen remains capable of whipping up a diversity of other dishes, from single-plate offerings – including green curry fried rice with moist fried fish (RM15.90), the no-introduction-needed pad thai (RM14.90) and fried chicken with jaew dried chilli dip (RM9.90) – to chilled sweets such as the ruam mit mixed dessert (RM5.90) and quintessential tub tim krob (RM5.90), with possibilities like pink or green milk (RM5.90) to wash everything down.

9. Baan Kanom Jeen

10. Baan Kanom Jeen

11. Baan Kanom Jeen

12. Baan Kanom Jeen

13. Baan Kanom Jeen

Many thanks to Baan Kanom Jeen for having us here.

14. Baan Kanom Jeen

15. Baan Kanom Jeen

16. Baan Kanom Jeen

17. Baan Kanom Jeen

18. Baan Kanom Jeen

Location & Details

Baan Kanom Jeen

Lot 107, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana.

Open Thurs-Tues, 1130am-930pm (closed Wednesdays).

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  1. Shereen Hishamudin October 4, 2016 Subscriber

    New yumsies place in PJ ka cha Vatthana Sanoubane

  2. Ken Kok Hoong Ho October 4, 2016 Subscriber

    Which part of empire is this a ?

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