Seeking a satisfying lunch, fuelled by family-served sustenance and succour? Search no further: Steer off the beaten path and into the cooling shade of Aunty Jane Home Cook, a weekdays-only business hidden in a house in Sungai Way New Village that’s thriving through wildly potent, well-earned word of mouth.



Head here early, by noon if possible, and revel in the calm before the crowds come, while Aunty Jane (buoyant and busy), her husband and their relatives put the finishing touches on fried meat and veggies that sizzle tantalisingly in woks and send the enlivening scent of hot, fresh nourishment shooting straight out of their open kitchen.


Aunty Jane prides herself on fare that fits the definition of ‘deceptively simple,’ passing the test of the finickiest taste buds. Best-of-the-market produce, prepared with no MSG and minimal oil, to be sold out in three hours.


Lift the lid and make your picks. Our tip: Take a bit of everything (you’ll be glad and grateful you did), then come back for seconds.

Deep-fried ‘nam yue’ pork belly

The best bet: Deep-fried ‘nam yue’ pork belly; a stunning version that’s practically perfect, each slice lightly crispy outside and gorgeously juicy within, swollen with knock-out bursts of flavour. Not to be missed; we helped ourselves ceaselessly to this.


Fried Chicken

Also worthwhile: Fried chicken, alluringly golden, meaty but not greasy, with crunchy skin that’ll trigger incurable waves of lust.


The Fish

The selection is subject to change, but there’s sure to be fish, immaculately fried or irreproachably steamed with soy sauce.


Egg Ecstacy

Egg ecstasy, exactly how our grandparents loved this, warm & comforting, with some crispy edges and a drizzle of dark sauce, rounded out by a yolk that still oozes out luxuriously. Go ahead; make your day.


Chicken Curry

Chicken curry, relatively less compelling but still nice and thick with soft potatoes, alongside sambal that bears a ‘spicy’ warning.



The healthiest choices here: Tofu, achingly smooth, or veggies, crunchy to the last fibre.



A plate of pure pleasure (customers can substitute the white rice with brown). Economy rice at its most enjoyable.



The final cost for a meal for two: RM16. Marginally more than what some other places might charge, but wonderfully worth it.

Basic Chinese soup and a free flow of tea come complimentary (and much appreciated too).


Finding Aunty Jane isn’t tough, thanks to navigation technology, but parking is precarious; seek out illegal spots up the street.



Location and Contact Details

Aunty Jane Home-Cook

482 Jalan SS 9A/10, Seri Setia, Sungei Way New Village, Petaling Jaya

Mon-Fri, 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (except public holidays). Tel: 016-686-2268

View Aunty Jane Home-Cook’s directory page here.

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