Malaysia’s first Aboong cafe opened this month, taking Korean carp cakes – bungeoppangs – & turning them into soft-waffle receptacles for frozen yoghurt. Choose a cone-bun size (our regular was RM10; a large would be RM12) & pick a base filling of red bean, custard or Nutella (RM1 surplus for the latter) to be topped with fro-yo (mango was one recent flavour). Another playful novelty, messy to eat, but the flavours, textures & hot-cold interplay, fine-tuned by Aboong’s Korean founders & franchised everywhere from China to Vietnam, should be enjoyable enough for dessert devotees.





Location and Contact Details


49, Jalan 15/8a, Subang Jaya

Open 11am-12am

Find: Contact details and map for Aboong

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  1. Book Wai Mun January 7, 2016 Subscriber

    Eric Low Kok Ping

  2. Ai Jie Gohh January 6, 2016 Subscriber

    Adrian Ng Sean Oh lmao

  3. Soo YOong Lee January 6, 2016 Subscriber

    Soo Ying Jiun Soo

  4. Kirthana Kuhendran January 6, 2016 Subscriber

    Iqbal jom

  5. Tzin Yern Chong January 5, 2016 Subscriber


  6. Kenneth Kae Lih January 5, 2016 Subscriber

    Kitty Liew try hahaa

  7. Rhythmm Brian January 5, 2016 Subscriber

    Maxim Nah Khai Yuin

  8. Amy PiXie January 5, 2016 Subscriber

    Kenny MK…shall we go try?

  9. Juju Junita January 5, 2016 Subscriber

    Alia Roslan Waney Rahman

  10. Crystal Ong January 5, 2016 Subscriber

    Harry Eng the fish waffle

  11. Tan Boon Hong January 4, 2016 Subscriber

    Carmen Carmen Chew Kar Mun

  12. DJustin Cbb January 4, 2016 Subscriber

    Connecting Knot

  13. Teoh Joo Shin January 4, 2016 Subscriber

    Genevieve Chia

  14. Stella Tsl January 3, 2016 Subscriber

    Jiahui Elisa GohCindy HueyYuni LeeKok Voon Kuan

  15. Rebecca Lee January 3, 2016 Subscriber

    Alston Too

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  17. Zarifah Yusoff December 29, 2015 Subscriber

    Leen Riot

    • Leen Riot December 29, 2015 Subscriber

      ok mari pah kita pegi

    • Zarifah Yusoff December 29, 2015 Subscriber

      Lol. Bagi aku kerja cari duit utk kais pagi makan pagi. Kena cari 2-3 kerjaa hahaa

    • Leen Riot December 29, 2015 Subscriber

      oh ye..menyahut cabaran 2kerja katanya. salute ko pah

  18. Berri Fong Ym December 28, 2015 Subscriber

    Katie YC Fong

  19. Aaron Shihming Vong December 28, 2015 Subscriber

    What is this

  20. Chew Effie December 28, 2015 Subscriber

    Juek JuitaJunko Sy Sc

  21. Suzana Sierarfiyna December 28, 2015 Subscriber

    Baby I want Muhd Afiq

  22. Quebe Soong December 28, 2015 Subscriber

    CY Chua

  23. Li Li Chan December 28, 2015 Subscriber

    Chee Shan this is the one you said right? It is now opened liao

  24. Connie MK December 28, 2015 Subscriber

    Stephanie TW

  25. Gillian Wong December 28, 2015 Subscriber

    Wong Shiang Yee.. Jom !!

  26. Shalini Suppiah December 28, 2015 Subscriber


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