By now you would have probably heard the buzz about the latest hot spot in Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC) – RUYI and LYN. However to call it a “hotspot” would be a gross understatement as this glamorously clandestine establishment spans 22,000 sq. ft.!

Nestled in a corner on the 4th floor of BSC, one almost feels like you need a password to walk through its warehouse-style black sliding door. As you step inside the lounge area, you wonder where the dining is, only to be ushered through a dark corridor and voila! Suddenly you find yourself as the “star” attraction sashaying down a catwalk in front of a huge screen displaying a silently gyrating Rihanna.

Ruyi’s Sushi


Needless to say, after all the hype about the iconic Ruyi’s Sushi (RM43), I just had to order one as a starter. I mean how can you not want to try a bonsai-type version of Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak and Mango Sticky Rice?

Well, it truly was a novel experience eating a sushi-style version of Malaysian favourites and it didn’t disappoint.


The Hainanese Chicken Rice was like the real deal. The rice was not overly sticky but bursting with rich chicken broth flavor. The generously sliced chicken was succulent and topped with a zingy chili garlic sauce and the whole package was neatly held together by a cool thin cucumber ribbon.

The Nasi Lemak was just a little cucumber-encased boat of creamy, spicy, salty and crunchy bites of decadence, topped with the most itty-bitty slices of quail’s eggs you have ever seen. Quite superbly authentic with the pandan (screwpine) infused rice.


At this point, I was quite glad I was dining alone as it meant I had the whole platter to myself. However, after the great high induced by the chicken rice and the nasi lemak, the mango sticky rice was a bit of a let-down. I expected it to be rich and sticky but instead the blue glutinous rice was undercooked. The thin, inch-wide strip of mango was pleasantly sweet and tangy and made up for it though.

Datin’s Desire


Since I was dining alone, I opted for one of the soups as my mains and was instantly intrigued by the Datin’s Desire (RM30) when I saw it on the menu. Well, once I had a taste of the pan-seared scallop and tofu soup, I realized that the poor Datin’s desire must be waning. The soup was a bland version of tau-foo-fah which had some slivers of noodles swimming in it. The only taste to this dish was the one lone tiny scallop which was seasoned to perfection.

Happy Ending


By now, I was looking forward to dessert after the lackluster experience with the Datin and couldn’t wait for my Happy Ending (RM26) to arrive. Yes, that’s what the pistachio crème brulee is called, what did you think I meant? Anyway, by this time I was the only guest left there and I suppose they must have forgotten about me, sitting by my lonesome self along the huge windows, enjoying the view as I waited close to 30 minutes before I finally got my Happy Ending.

Let’s just say, it was worth the wait, the pistachio brulee was orgasmically rich and creamy with a crackling light caramelized covering, topped with big fat juicy glazed strawberries and blackberries that would leave even the most anti-dessert (are there such people?) with a smile on their face.


Waning desires and delayed happy endings aside, RUYI and LYN is a definite must visit. Great for dates and family occasions alike as the menu is pretty extensive and eclectic. Taste wise, you can get better food for better value elsewhere, but what makes this place a must visit, at least once, would be the concept and ambiance.

Shark’s Fin on the Menu?


My biggest disappointment, however, (apart from being forgotten by the staff) was the fact that I spotted shark’s fins on the menu. So, if you are an environmentally-conscious diner, be warned. Honestly, I am surprised though, after all the awareness campaigns on how inhumane the harvesting of shark’s fins are, that they would have chosen to put it on the menu.

Location and Contact Details

Ruyi & Lyn

Level 4, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Tel: +603-2083-0288

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