A Coffee Lover’s Guide for Where to Drink in KL and Selangor

Written by Tan Kai Bin

Our contributing expert for this feature is Tan Kai Bin, the co-founder of Blaq Coffee and Bean Shipper, two interesting Malaysian-based services that ship boxes of freshly roasted coffee beans to customers’ doorsteps. Kai Bin works closely with respected local roasters and can also sometimes be spotted as a barista at pop-ups. Check them out at blaqcoffee.com and beanshipper.com

Kai Bin recommends filter coffee for budding enthusiasts in KL and Selangor. “Most of the time, roasters do offer different varieties of single origins for their filter coffee, and usually they tend to keep the best beans for filter coffee!”

“We coffee people always recommend that our customers try filter coffee, as it’s the brewing method that brings out the flavour of coffee, especially for black coffee drinkers!” he adds.

Here are Kai Bin’s six favourite choices for where to enjoy coffee in KL and Selangor, and what to order for a pleasurable combination of coffee and food.

1. Artisan Roast at Taman Tun Dr Ismail

What To Order – Nitrokopi, Filter Coffee, Cheesecake and chocolate slices


Address: 4 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Find: Contact details and map for Artisan Roast

2. Beam at Bandar Sri Damansara

What to order: Filter Coffee (on syphon)


Address: 25, Jalan Gangsa SD 5/3B, Bandar Sri Damansara

Find: Contact details and map for BEAM

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3. RGB at Jalan Damai

WTO – Sandwiches, espresso-based coffees


Address: 35, Jalan Damai, Off Jalan Ampang

Find: Contact details and map for RGB

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4. Sprezzatura at Phileo Damansara

WTO – Sandwich and espresso based coffee (Indonesia Toraja)


Address: 116, Block E, Phileo Damansara 1

Find: Contact details and map for Sprezza

Read Review: Sprezza at Phileo Damansara: Restaurant Review

5. The Roast Things at Dataran Prima

TRT is not a cafe, hence they do not take walk in customers. But however they do organise workshops from time to time (and attendees can find coffee to drink of course!).


Address: Unit 12, Level 9, Block A, The Tube, Prima Avenue,  Jalan PJU 1/39, Dataran Prima, Aman Suria, Kelana Jaya

Find: Contact details and map for The Roast Things

6. Brew N Bread at Shah Alam

WTO – Filter coffee and variety of breads.


Address: Ground Floor, One City Mall, Jalan USJ 25/1

Find: Contact details and map for Brew & Bread

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  1. Sylvia Wong June 23, 2015 Subscriber

    Kar King

  2. William WL June 21, 2015 Subscriber

    Wow…another newly mushroomed standalone cafe. Thanks!

  3. Sebastian Tan June 21, 2015 Subscriber

    Loong Wai Yeng Eddie Wong William WL

  4. LiLi Gan June 21, 2015 Subscriber

    Yeow Wai Ling txx fr introducing TRT

  5. Hazlan Zakaria Al-Miamiyyi June 20, 2015 Subscriber

    Sad… I have given up on coffee…

  6. Griselda Pearl June 19, 2015 Subscriber

    Sasvin Manimaran

  7. Andrew Yeong Endroo G June 19, 2015 Subscriber

    How can you omit illy coffee shop at pavillion ?

    • Seba Peter June 23, 2015 Subscriber

      Because Illy is not a good coffee ?
      Any coffee which can be store in a tin for months it’s not a good coffee.
      Good coffee is roasted, need to rests about a week after roast, then after it rested, you brew it within a month time. A month later you can discard it as it start rapidly losing its quality. Illy coffee is commercial commodity coffee with year of expiry period, induced with hydrogen to last long, and filled with artificial scents to make it appear fresh when out the tin.

    • Seba Peter June 23, 2015 Subscriber

      By the way, great HINT why Illy isn’t so good, is the fact that none of the proper coffee places carry their beans. Illy is only available in NON Coffee oriented outlets like bars, restaurants, bistros of hotels, where they have customer who ask for coffee but they do not specialise in coffee as a business.

  8. Erin Xuannii Chong June 18, 2015 Subscriber

    Sunny Boey

  9. Kenichi San June 16, 2015 Subscriber

    Wtf is TRT doing on da damn list wen walk in customers can’t even go there?

  10. Natasha Photina Kawos June 14, 2015 Subscriber

    Rui Ling!!!!

  11. Cynthia Cheng June 14, 2015 Subscriber

    Shermann Hong

  12. Adeline Hooi June 12, 2015 Subscriber

    Sheau Huey Wong

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