November 22, 2014 |
French Restaurants have are reputation for being some of the best in the world, and thankfully, KL can now boast another establishment that’s bringing authentic French cuisine to Malaysia. [Sponsored]
November 22, 2014 |
First came chef Alexy Fuchs from Le Gavroche in Strasbourg, France, back in August. This month, chef Marco Cavallucci from La Frasca in Cervia, Italy, had his turn to work with Mezze’s resident head chef Yves Pierre Renou for three memorable nights.
November 22, 2014 |
This casual, family-owned restaurant is fast becoming one of Damansara Uptown’s most popular new hangouts this year, welcoming crowds who’ve been eager to savour a three-decade-old culinary legacy that was first born in Pahang’s Raub town.
November 19, 2014 |
We’re conflicted about M.A.D! – we like what it stands for (‘Modern Asian Diner,’ a name that has also reliably served eateries in Singapore & Jakarta in recent years) & its experimental spirit, but it might be struggling with some tricky teething troubles.