7 Places For Pretzel Pleasure in KL and Selangor

1. Der Backmeister at Taman Tun Dr Ismail


Trust our German friends to know best – TTDI’s new German-run bakery-café proudly shows off its pretzels on its counter; enjoy them plain or with cheese for a snack with a savoury punch, lightly crisp on the outside & densely but desirably chewy within.

Address: 40, Persiaran Zaaba, TTDI

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2. Pretz n’ Beanz at IPC Shopping Centre & Solaris Mont Kiara




KL’s most comprehensive playground for pretzels promises fun for patrons & palates of all ages, parading a carousel of doughy delights with tantalising twists – pretzels with a peanut butter crunch, or wrapped around hot dogs, or served as a pizza base, or coupled with goulash for a full meal, or stuffed with apple jam for dessert.

Address: G23, Ground Floor, IPC Shopping Centre and No. 22, Ground Floor, Jalan Solaris 4

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3. The Owls Café at Bukit Jalil


Pretzel-adorned affogatos prove that The Owls Cafe does give a hoot about its caffeine& reinventing classic staples into contemporary favourites.

Address: 12-1, First Floor, Block 5, Jalil Link, Jalan Jalil 6

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4. Otherwise Café in Kelana Jaya


Photo courtesy of Otherwise Café

Pretzels come with a choice of companions at Otherwise Café – select from egg mayo, Greek yoghurt, butter & orange or strawberry jam.

Address: 6, Jalan SS4D/14, Kelana Jaya

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5. Wetzel’s Pretzels at Sunway Pyramid


California-based chain Wetzel’s Pretzels promises a different kind of pretzel for every type of taste bud, from plain salted/unsalted ones to premium varieties enriched with garlic butter, sour cream & onion, cheese, pepperoni, cinnamon, chocolate or almonds –  the soft-baked sort but they still supply a pleasant chew, substantial but not strenuous. Hearty enough to be filling meals, not simply a snack.

Address: LG2, Sunway Pyramid

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6. Original Milkshake Co at Quill City Mall


A Pretzel milkshake with pecan choc-chip blondies makes for a triumph of texture.

Address: 4-63, Level 4, Quill City Mall, Jalan Sultan Ismail

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7. Jumping Bean at Sunway Pyramid


Peanut butter pretzel cakes? It’ll cost you many calories, but you can always head to the treadmill tomorrow – indulge today instead.

Address: LG 2.95, Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway

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