Kind of blue: This jazz and wine bar promises a touch of elegance that’s thoroughly unexpected in a PJ industrial enclave. Its menu puts pork on a pedestal – wine-glazed sticky belly with saffron potato mash, scallions and parmesan pepper migas takes a place of pride during dinnertime (RM38; this could benefit from vegetable components or some sauce for balancing), while the baby back ribs spaghetti (RM28) is a day-and-night temptation, featuring home-cooked umami flavours that’ll prove familiar for Asian/Chinese palates, though the pork and pasta feel like two separate elements instead of complementing each other in a cohesive recipe. Still, 33 Blue Room has made a marked effort; there’s potential here once the venue finds its surest footing.

1. 33 Blue Room

2. 33 Blue Room

3. 33 Blue Room

4. 33 Blue Room

5. 33 Blue Room

6. 33 Blue Room

7. 33 Blue Room

8. 33 Blue Room

9. 33 Blue Room

10. 33 Blue Room

Location & Details

33 Blue Room

2a, Jalan 51/225a, Section 51a Zone Perindustrian PJCT, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Daily, 11am-1am.

Tel: +6016-668-9199

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