Kakigori at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City: Cafe Review

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September 6, 2017
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Our favourite destination for Japanese desserts has embarked on a new chapter of its delightful journey: Nearly one year after opening in Taman Paramount, Kakigori has launched its charming first mall-based branch at The Gardens, introducing a fresh set of sweet temptations that stretch beyond kakigori, ahead of its imminent foray into Pavilion starting next month.

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Kakigori devotees can find the Klang Valley’s premier interpretation of this shaved ice dessert here, in well-curated flavours like Chestnut Milk (delicately distinctive), Uji Matcha, Hojicha, Elderberry and Elderflower Espuma, and Watermelon with Rose Espuma (RM16-RM19), made with a finely honed diligence that extends from the sourcing and preparation of ingredients to the harmonisation of flavours and textures.

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What’s new is that you can now order the kakigori to take away in custom-built containers that facilitate clean, convenient consumption on the go. If you’re eating in, the kakigori is offered in regular bowls.

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Exclusive treats

Even if you’re a regular at Kakigori PJ, it’s well worth visiting The Gardens’ outpost, since several extra specialities are currently exclusively available here.

Anmitsu is the chief crowd-pleaser (RM22), a dessert bowl that plays with plenty of classic components – a base of jelly-like clear and matcha kanten cubes, topped with chewy-gooey, mochi-evoking shiratama dango dumplings, adzuki bean paste, fruit slices, a choice of Chiba sweet potato or Uji matcha soft serve, and sweet black syrup. It’s a testament to Kakigori’s painstaking passion that practically everything in the bowl is crafted in-house by the team here, ensuring that everything is done right for satisfaction’s sake. You can definitely taste the quality.

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The melonpan (RM13) is recommended if you’d like something to munch while moving – a dense enriched-dough bun, warm to the bite, stuffed with soft serve for hot-and-cold, crusty-and-creamy contrasts.

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Kakigori’s soft serves are excellent even on their own, with Uji matcha as the perennial flavour and Chiba sweet potato as the seasonal selection. Get a cone (RM8) – it’s packed from bottom-up with smooth, sensuous ice cream; even the vanilla-infused waffle cone is kitchen-constructed by Kakigori’s pastry perfectionists, thoroughly complementing the soft serve.

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The final should-try in Kakigori’s repertoire is the custard pudding (RM11) inspired by something a Kakigori family member sampled in Tokyo’s Yoyogi neighbourhood. It’s lovably luscious, beautifully balanced by a burnt caramel sauce. This might look innocuously simple, but it’s drop-dead delicious.

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Location & Details

Address: LG-201A, Lower Ground, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. Beside Jaya Grocer.
Find: View directory for Kakigori (The Gardens) here.

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