Mr. & Mrs. Chicken at Pudu: Snapshot

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July 16, 2017
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Fans of Malacca’s chicken rice balls might want to strut over to Mr. & Mrs. Chicken, where these dense, hand-rolled rice balls are served, reasonably aromatic after being cooked in chicken broth.

1. Mr&Mrs Chicken-min

2. Mr&Mrs Chicken-min

The rice balls are paired with free-range chicken raised for up to 120 days, hormone-free & antibiotic-free, fed with seaweed & passion fruit enzymes – choose from Hainanese-style steamed, crispy-roasted or soy sauce chicken (firm & fairly sweet-fleshed) in a la carte or set meals that also include double-boiled soup, fu chuk, pak choy or Ipoh bean sprouts, dessert & tea for a sensible RM15.90. If you need more fowl in your life, chicken hor fun (definitely decent) is also available.

5. Mr&Mrs Chicken-min

6. Mr&Mrs Chicken-min

8. Mr&Mrs Chicken-min

4. Mr&Mrs Chicken-min

7. Mr&Mrs Chicken-min

9. Mr&Mrs Chicken-min

10. Mr&Mrs Chicken-min

11. Mr&Mrs Chicken-min

Location & Details

Address:  11 Jalan Kancil, Off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: Open Friday-Wednesday, 11am-8pm (closed Thursdays).
Tel: +03-9224-2706
Find: View directory for Mr. & Mrs. Chicken here.


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