Aboong at SS15 Subang: Snapshot

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December 27, 2015
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Malaysia’s first Aboong cafe opened this month, taking Korean carp cakes – bungeoppangs – & turning them into soft-waffle receptacles for frozen yoghurt. Choose a cone-bun size (our regular was RM10; a large would be RM12) & pick a base filling of red bean, custard or Nutella (RM1 surplus for the latter) to be topped with fro-yo (mango was one recent flavour). Another playful novelty, messy to eat, but the flavours, textures & hot-cold interplay, fine-tuned by Aboong’s Korean founders & franchised everywhere from China to Vietnam, should be enjoyable enough for dessert devotees.





Location and Contact Details


49, Jalan 15/8a, Subang Jaya

Open 11am-12am

Find: Contact details and map for Aboong

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Zarifah Yusoff

Lol. Bagi aku kerja cari duit utk kais pagi makan pagi. Kena cari 2-3 kerjaa hahaa

Leen Riot

oh ye..menyahut cabaran 2kerja katanya. salute ko pah

Chew Effie

Juek JuitaJunko kkk….okok next week after ur class we go

CY Chua

@[email protected] Abooong I kream! Name funny la. When you roar like tiger only, jom!

Quebe Soong

Yes baby! Wait for meeee. Subang area my territory. I bring u XD

Quebe Soong

Teo Cheng u always what also try before Liao. So
Kiasu. Hahahahaha

Li Li Chan

Chee Shan this is the one you said right? It is now opened liao

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