10 Restaurants for Mighty Mussels in Kuala Lumpur

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August 6, 2015
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1. Two Sons Bistro at Solaris Dutamas



Start with a steaming-hot pot of mussels – Two Sons offers a 450-gramme serving that’s notably well-priced for RM28 (three or four patrons could share this as a starter), especially since it comes with an all-you-can-eat free flow of garlic brioche or fries to soak up the sauce. What’s more, you can choose from 16 types of preparations (!) – our option was char-grilled with sweet paprika butter (flavoursome & fresh-tasting); others might prefer spiced tomato & beef chorizo, oregano & sour cream, celery & leek, sun-dried tomatoes & olive oil, turmeric lime butter, ginger & lemongrass, cheese-baked, bird’s-eye chilli & thyme, butter cream, Thai green curry or tom yum – the list goes on.

Address: A4-G2-8, Solaris Dutamas

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2. Southern Rock Seafood at Bangsar



Mussel mania continues at Southern Rock Seafood, spiced up in a distinctively Asian fashion,soaked in laksa broth that’s not too fiery, allowing the freshness of these mussels to shine bright & clear.

Address: 32, Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar Utama

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3. Interlude at Taman Tun Dr Ismail


The seafood spaghetti is a pleasant surprise, brimming with mussels, prawns& squid, blanketed in a beautifully briny Nantua sauce that really rounds out each mouthful in a satisfyingly creamy fashion.

Address: 50, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

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4. Rendez-Vous at Bangsar


Mussels cooked in blue cheese prove to be a creamy, powerful-tasting combo, nicely accompanied by crispy-hot, moreish fries.

Address: 100 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar

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5. The Sopranos at Old Klang Road


Chef Sergio is enthusiastic about his seafood, especially the blue mussels sauteed in a creamy-tangy white wine & cherry tomato sauce, served with dense farmer’s bread laced with morsels of pork ham & boiled egg white to mop up the gravy.

Address: 1st Floor, NewCom Club Building, Batu 5, Old Klang Road

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6. La Creperie De Caroline at Bangsar


Photo courtesy of La Creperie De Caroline’s Facebook page

Time for a trilogy – You can choose three flavours of mussels at one go at this French-owned café, with options of white wine, cream, curry, or tomato & herbs.

Address: 33, Jalan Telawi 3, 59100 Bangsar

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10. Lobbee Thai Connection at Empire Damansara


The star attraction at Lobbee is this gargantuan seafood tom yum noodle bowl that four customers can comfortably share – this Lobbee Combo (RM98) comprises hearty portions of mussels, lobster, king crab legs, salmon, squid & soft-boiled eggs with a choice of Thai instant noodles, kueyteow, flat noodles or vermicelli in a tangy-savoury broth.

Address: LG-07 (below Ground Floor), Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

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8. Bait at Bangsar



Mussels that sing of the sea, poached in Sauternes, served with kitchen-made barley malt syrup for a extra little sweet kick.

Address: 65 Jalan Telawi 3, 59100 Bangsar

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9. Hubba Hubba at Lorong Ceylon


For folks seeking hearty fare, creamy comfort can be found in this tangy Portuguese-inspired rice with mussels, prawns, scallops, tomato & black olives.

Address: Ground Floor, Invito Hotel Suites, 1 Lorong Ceylon

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10. Mercat at Bangsar


This is a seasonal special, so it’s not always available, but if you spot it on the menu, order the suquetpulpo – seafood stew that’s briny with mussels & octopus, richly flavoured with almonds, garlic & saffron.

Address: 51 Jalan Telawi 3, 59100 Bangsar

Find: Contact details and map for Mercat

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