18 restaurants and cafés to check out in Jaya One

PJ’s Jaya One complex has long been a hive of numerous buzzing eateries that promise something for every palate. Here are 18 noteworthy ones, both new and old.

1. Streat Thai

1. streat thai

Possibly the Klang Valley’s most distinctive destination for Thai street fare, Streat Thai is fuelled by the formidable skills and experience of more than a dozen chefs from across the Land of Smiles, meticulously hand-picked and brought to Malaysia from Bangkok, Chonburi, Chiang Rai, Korat and Pattaya to cook up a storm of fierce, fragrant flavours.

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2. Fest

2. Fest -Lemak sandwich

Fest lives up to its name – on a Saturday afternoon, this cafe hums with the sounds of life, love and laughter, as families and friends celebrate the weekend. Fest’s founders Jia Yuan, Maryam and Lisan have known each other since they were seven years old, and their new venue is a cheerful destination with distinctive food choices that combine childhood flavours with contemporary flair.

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3. ChimiChurri

ChimiChurri 5

Cheers for ChimiChurri, which serves warm, wholesome and well-prepared salads, wraps and sandwiches, each emphatically hearty, equitably priced and enjoyably customisable with interesting ingredients.

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Formerly known as Vvaffle, this outlet specialises in Belgian Liege waffles with experimental toppings. Brioche dough with Belgian pearl sugar forms a balanced batter for the fresh-tasting, well-textured offerings – dense enough for a firm, fulfilling bite but sufficiently tender to yield a pleasant chew, rounded out by a crisp, caramelised exterior.

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5. Robata Monkey

1. Robata Monkey

This restaurant transports the unique art of rustic Japanese slow-grilling into Jaya One, serving a smorgasbord of succulent seafood with smoky, savoury subtleties. Robata Monkey focuses on ‘robatayaki,’ cooking with ‘bincho-tan’ traditional oak charcoal that burns cleanly to ensure the restaurant’s assortment of fish, flown in from the Land of Rising Sun, retains as much moisture and purity of flavour as possible.

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6. Coconut House

coconut house
Photo credit: Coconut House, Facebook

Wood-fire pizza and famously cheap porky fare synonymous with this casual Italian joint.

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7. Boat Noodle

Boat Noodle - Spinach

Time for Thai? Boat Noodle has branches all across the Klang Valley, and Jaya One is no exception.

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8. Bangoya


With a tantalizing tagline that promises “Grilling Under The Stars,” Bangoya reveals itself to be an alfresco izakaya on an atmospheric rooftop meant to evoke a sake-garden setting.

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9. Chilli Rush

chili rush
Photo credit: Chilli Rush, Instagram

Heat-seekers can scorch their taste buds at Chilli Rush with fiery, fearsome fare that erupts up the Scoville scale with geyser-like fury.

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10. Go Noodle House

3 GO Noodle House

Noodles slide into the spotlight: Customers searching for slurp-worthy strands will find what they’re seeking here.

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11. The Bee

the bee
Photo credit: The Bee, Facebook

Whether you need a wholesome brunch, a tasty teatime treat or a satisfying dinner to wind down the day, The Bee has been a welcoming presence for everyone in Jaya One for close to six years now.

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12. Marufuku Udon

niku soup
Photo credit: Marufuku Udon, Facebook

This inconspicuous corner is a soothing sanctuary that supplies simple, wallet-friendly Japanese soul food.

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13. Ojos Bar


This speakeasy-inspired bar is hidden behind thick, heavy doors, serving striking cocktails that succeed in making a stirring impression.

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14. Brussels Beer Café


For chilling out after work, the Timmermans Framboise (tinged with raspberries) and Belle-vue Kriek (which leans toward cherries) are enjoyably refreshing.

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15. Kechara Oasis

kechara 1
Photo credit: Kechara Oasis

This “New Age Vegetarian” restaurant features some intriguing selections, including Tibetan and Nepalese specialities.

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16. Kissaten

Photo credit: audreydazzle, Instagram

From Tsukune Teriyaki with Egg Yolk Sauce to Golden Fried Shrimp to Daikon No Soboro Ankake, there’s no absence of attractions at this inviting Eastern-inspired hangout.

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17. Malones

Photo from youhadyourlunch
Photo credit: youhadyourlunch

Malones offers an array of scrumptious Irish specialities that aims to satisfy Malaysian taste buds.

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18. Frontera

Photo credit: Frontera Bar, Facebook

One of Jaya One’s most enduring establishments, Frontera is a reliable destination for Mexican fare at its most flavoursome.

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