Fresh bread and  pastries are baked with love at these 16 independent cafes:

1. The Midnight Baker at Mont Kiara

2. The Midnight Baker

Jason bakes bread, his wife Cheryl crafts cakes and pastries, and their buddy Neil makes coffee – The Midnight Baker is a fetching new stop for a fuss-free breakfast, lunch or tea, run by a small, self-reliant team with skill and soul. Curious about the cafe’s name? Jason has a separate day-job, so he oversees the oven only after most of us have headed to bed. The chicken sandwich is constructed with satisfying bread, fresh and flavoursome, dense but yielding, stuffed with a substantial balance of tender, well-marinated meat and wholesome vegetables. The pesto tomato quiche succeeds as a light, savoury meal, while the scones come crumbly-buttery, infused with real vanilla and served with kitchen-made cream. Cap off your visit with a caramel chocolate pecan bar, an indulgence worth the calories.

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2. The Bread Shop at Damansara Heights


In a world of inexorable changes, The Bread Shop has remained comfortingly the same beloved neighbourhood bakery-cafe, bustling for weekday lunches and an oasis of calm for tea. You’ll still find the original Bananascotch pastry, plus lemony cupcakes, hot cross buns, croissants, scones, kouign-amann, various tarts and sandwiches (roast beef, smoked chicken, melted cheese and more, served with salads).

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3, Simplicity Sandwiches at Cheras


Making sandwiches might seem like a simple task, but the most satisfying ones are prepared with lots of heart and skilfulness; this modest bakery cafe – run by buddies Hong and Eric – does an admirable job in bringing customers bread they can believe in. Possible choices here include baguettes filled with chicken meat, sourdough slices topped with rib-eye steak and white bread stuffed with egg and tomatoes, each served nice and warm, with unmistakably fresh flavours. Our favourite is the crusty baguette, which provides a pleasant bite and an easy chew.

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4. Der Backmeister at TTDI

5. Der Backmeister

Cast a ‘rye’ look at TTDI’s German bakery-cafe, run by a two-nation collaboration that includes Oliver Rollar (who has lived in Malaysia since 2000), Bobby, Chris and Steve, with the help of Klaus and Monica, who helm their own bakeries in Cologne. Der Backmeister’s shelves should delight devotees of dense, dark breads, including some made with up to 80 percent rye, relying on traditional German recipes that emphasise honest, wholesome goodness. Specialities span the likes of ‘sesam semmel’ (sesame roll) and ‘bauern brot’ (farmer’s bread loaves), plus plenty of pretzels, pastries and almond cakes.

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5. Chequers Bakery in TTDI

10. Chequers Bakery

Taking doughnuts to the next level, TTDI’s friendly neighbourhood cafe Chequers recently unveiled a first-floor bakery that specialises in imaginative savoury and sweet doughnuts worth devouring, alongside an array of house-baked bread and pastries.

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6. Kenny Hills Bakers at Bukit Tunku


Step inside and the irresistible fragrance of fresh baking might sweep you off your feet. Hand-crafted sourdough loaves, ciabatta bread and baguettes made with stone-ground organic flour share the showcase with croissants, scones and tarts, supplying a sensational excuse to indulge in the most satisfying of carbs.

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7. The Carpenter’s Daughter at USJ

Photo from The Carpenter's Daughter Facebook
Photo from The Carpenter’s Daughter Facebook

It’s encouraging to encounter a cheerful bakery-cafe that takes the craft of baking seriously, offering bread made daily with ingredients like organic flour, rock salt and olive oil.

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8. Brooklyn B at SS15, Subang

Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery_7

Brooklyn B specialises in a bevy of bagels, freshly baked, supplying a distinctive chew that’s densely solid without being distressingly strenuous.

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9. Tommy Le Baker at Jalan Ipoh

Photo from Tommy Le Baker Facebook
Photo from Tommy Le Baker Facebook

Run by a Malaysian-born pastry chef who honed his craft in France, Tommy Le Baker’s specialties include baguettes, sourdough bread and tarts.

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10. Dotty’s at TTDI

2. Eclair

Get naughty at Dotty’s: Guilty indulgences gild the counters of this cafe-bakery, where sweet curiosities are conceived with fanciful aplomb, like a speculoos eclair, sprinkled with shortcrust cookie crumbs and stuffed with rich cream that hints of cardamom and cloves.

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11. Bakeology at Taman SEA


Bakeology maintains a low profile in Taman SEA, but this friendly cafe, run by sisters Cheryl and Caryn, is well worth a visit. Be sure to pick up a beetroot-thyme loaf – lovely bread, enjoyable entirely on its own.

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12. Huckleberry Food & Fare at Plaza Damansara


Master baker Christophe Gros of TTDI’s Pastry Institute Of St Honore oversees Huckleberry’s 120-square-foot oven, creating everything from almond croissants to kouign-amman to Valrhona pain au chocolat.

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13. Touche at Petaling Jaya

Photo from Touche Pastries & More Facebook
Photo from Touche Pastries & More Facebook

Scones, croissants, danishes and other archetypal bakery fare are available to satisfy the stomach.

Find: Contact details and map for Touche Pastries & More

14. Le Pont Boulangerie at Old Klang Road


Shelves here brim with bread and pastries, popular for taking away among residents of Old Klang Road’s neighbourhoods.

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15. Tedboy Bakery at Bangsar


When parental pride and a passion for pastries collide, the offspring is Tedboy Bakery, owned by a bread-loving couple who named this Telawi cafe after their son.

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16. Watercolour at Mont Kiara

Photo from Watercolour Bakery Facebook
Photo from Watercolour Bakery Facebook

If we had to paint a mental picture of Watercolour, it’s one of those cafes that flies under the radar, quietly churning out good sandwiches and pastries for its fans.

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