Restaurants across the Klang Valley are welcoming the Year Of The Monkey with playful twists on familiar festive favourites. Here’s our rundown of 15 places for you to try this CNY:

1. Braised Pork Yee Sang at Ampersand by Culinary Rebels

1. Ampersand
Photo credit: Ampersand

Sweet Braised Pork & Foo-Chuk supply the crunch for Ampersand’s signature yee sang, combined with other elements like Jicama, Pumpkin, Cabbage, Purple Cabbage, Carrot, Mandarin Orange, Lychee, Pineapple, Sesame Seed, Cashew Nut, Crushed Peanuts & kitchen-made orang plum sauce.

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2. Lobster Yee Sang With Salted Egg Yolk Sauce at Steaks & Lobsters

2. Steaks & Lobsters
Photo credit: Steak & Lobsters

Steaks & Lobsters puts a playful spin on the Chinese New Year season’s prosperity toss, creating a Yee Sang with Canadian lobster sashimi, 24-karat edible gold leaves & a house-made salted egg yolk sauce to complement the customary plum sauce. Everything works well together for this Golden Lobster Yee Sang – the lobster flesh proves irreproachably fresh in both taste and texture, while the salted egg yolk sauce provides a mild bit of savouriness to supplement the platter’s perky-tangy dynamics

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3. Japanese-Chinese Abalone Yee Sang at Manmaru

3. Manmaru
Photo credit: Manmaru

Manmaru combines elements from Chinese and Japanese inspirations to create a memorably flavoursome festive favourite. For a shot of luxury, order a serving of abalone prepared with hot sake to toss with an array of yee sang accompaniments like salmon, cranberries, nutmegs, raisins, pineapples, croutons, peanuts, black and white sesame, tempura flakes, pepper, five-spice powder, pumpkin, carrots, radish, purple cabbage, sesame oil and plum sauce. You’ll get a fresh crunch from vegetables and nuts, the full-bodied succulence of seafood, and tangy, well-balanced bursts from the fruits and sauces.

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4. Iberico Pork Yee Sang at Nexo

4. Nexo
Photo credit: Nexo

Spanish Iberico pork yee sang is just one of the Iberico-based temptations on Nexo’s CNY set menus, which also include a full kilogramme of Iberico spare ribs on a separate platter.

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5. Fruity Yee Sang at Kissaten

5. Kissaten
Photo credit: Kissaten

Get your fibre on with this perky toss of kiwi fruit, pomelo, pomegranates, jambu air, umbra, turnip, cucumber, radish, capsicum, carrot and purple sweet potatoes with a lotus of salmon and house-made kumquat sauce, peanuts & sesame seeds.

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6. Bacon & Crispy Lard Yee Sang at Flingstones Café

6. Flingstones
Photo credit: Flingstones Café

Made in-house with lots of fresh ingredients, young mango, dragon fruit, pomelo, pomegranate, carrots and cucumber, crowned with the porcine pleasures of bacon & crunchy pieces of lard.

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7. Chinese New Year Dim Sum Set Lunch at Tao, InterContinental Hotel

7. Tao Intercontinental
Photo credit: Tao InterContinental

Tao is offering lunch sets with dim sum for full tables of 10 persons this season, which comprise a starter course of tempura mushrooms with Korean Sweet Pear Yee Sang, Dim Sum Combination platter, and other highlights like a Double-Boiled Fish Maw with Sea Treasures Soup.

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8. Claypot Waxed Meat Rice at Xin Cuisine, Concorde Hotel KL

Photo credit: Xin Cuisine

Waxed meat rice in a claypot is among Xin’s assortment of waxed meat items this Chinese New Year, which also include braised leek with Chinese sausage and steamed two varieties of sausages with seasonal vegetables.

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9. Sakura Prawn Waxed Meat Rice at Grand Harbour

9. Grand Harbour
Photo credit: Grand Harbour

Sakura shrimp add an intriguing crisp to this triumphantly topped waxed meat rice platter, available at all three of Grand Harbour’s branches in Mid Valley, Fahrenheit 88 and Da:men.

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10. Smoked Stuffed Duck at Boathouse TTDI

10. Boathouse
Photo credit: Boathouse

Boathouse’s Artisanal Whole Smoked Duck with stuffing comes with Spiced Ginger Sauce and Citrus Trinity’s Sauce, and extra stuffing on the side, available for takeaway by three days’ advance order with a deposit.

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11. French-Chinese Fusion Pork Rack at Rendez-Vous

RDV sweet and sour pork
Photo credit: Rendez-Vous

Sweet & sour pork rack is among the unique French-Chinese fusion highlights at Rendez-Vous from Feb. 5 to Feb. 9 – you’ll also find fresh spring rolls stuffed with goat’s cheese and smoked salmon, as well as pan-fried frog legs with soya sauce and sesame seeds.

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12. Siew Yok & Yee Sang Platter at D’Legends

12. D'Legends
Photo credit: D’Legends

Ideal for two customers to share, D’Legends is offering a siu yok platter that’s matched with apple sauce and a yee sang salad for a festively balanced meal.

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13. Kumquat Lime Cake at Swich Café

13. Switch Café
Photo credit: Swich Café

Kumquat Lime Cake – a light tangy lime sponge brushed with lime juice, frosted with generous layers of house-made Kumquat jam and Kumquat lime cream – just in time for Chinese New Year.

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14. Mandarin Sweeties at Palmier Patisserie Café

14. Palmier
Photo credit: Palmier Patisserie Café

Palmier’s pastry kitchen has come up with a Mandarin Cheese Tart & Chocolate Mandarin Cake, inviting fans to come over and get these ‘ong ongs’.

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15. Mandarin Smooshie at The Red Beanbag

15. Red Bean Bag
Photo credit: The Red Beanbag

Mandarins, lychees & goji berries – The Red Beanbag is calling this, hands down, the best Smooshie Juice seasonal special ever.

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